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Digest Would You Pay $21,000 For Disneyland’s 21 Royal Dining Experience?

Would You Pay $21,000 For Disneyland’s 21 Royal Dining Experience?

Would You Pay $21,000 For Disneyland’s 21 Royal Dining Experience?
By AFP/RelaxNews
February 04, 2017
It's a far cry from Mickey Mouse-shaped donuts and Pluto-inspired hot dogs. For $21,000, you and 11 friends can sign up for a Disneyland experience that recreates the kind of swish dinner party that Disney founder Walt and wife Lillian would have hosted. 

Photo courtesy of 21 Royal at Disneyland

Called 21 Royal, the exclusive dining experience overlooking New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park is hosted in a space that was originally meant to serve as a private residence and secluded family retreat for Disney founders Walt and Lillian.  

To kick off the evening, diners enjoy cocktails in the salon and a reception on the patio where they learn about the history of the space and get a tour of the apartment. 

Following the welcome reception, guests travel back in time to the lavish Empire-style dining room, the kind that was popular in 19th century New Orleans with its marble fireplace, velvet dining chairs, heavy drapes, gold and teal motif and watercolor paintings created by Disney Imagineer Dorothea Redmond. 

They then sit down to a seven-course dinner served on gold-plated dinnerware and sip from crystal wine glasses—the kind of dinner party that Walt and Lillian would have hosted. 

The meal is capped off with coffee and desserts in the dining room or private balcony. 

All this for $21,000 or $1,700 per person. 

Not exclusive enough for you? There's also Club 33, a members'-only dining club that comes with an annual $14,100 membership fee, and $35,300 initiation fee. 

Meal prices not included. 


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