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Digest Where To Eat In Singapore This Week: Art, Min Jiang, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Yan Ting, Shang Palace

Where To Eat In Singapore This Week: Art, Min Jiang, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Yan Ting, Shang Palace

Where To Eat In Singapore This Week: Art, Min Jiang, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Yan Ting, Shang Palace
Steamed hairy crab (Image: Yan Ting)
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
November 05, 2019
November is the season of white truffles and hairy crabs, so get ready to feast on sumptuous dishes these restaurants have to offer

Make the most out of your mealtime with our round-up of timely treats. This week, it's all about exquisite dishes prepared with prized seasonal ingredients—and you can bet that the chefs have crafted special menus that celebrate these bountiful offerings.

Alba white truffles
Alba white truffles

1/5 Art

The much-awaited annual White Truffle Charity Auction Dinner will be hosted in Singapore this Sunday and it'll be the first time the event will be held here. It will also be broadcasted simultaneously in Hong Kong and Moscow. Chef Beppe De Vito will prepare a delicious four-course meal for the attendees, celebrating this prized ingredient.  

Feast on delicacies such as tuna belly carpaccio blanketed with white truffles and Piedmonte hazelnuts; cheese fondue ensconced in delicate pumpkin tortelli and heaped with white truffles.   

Choose your desired entrée—smoked grass-fed beef tenderloin or pan-fried seabass—before ending the meal with the velvety Kalingo chocolate dome with luscious raspberry and caramel chantilly.

Art |  05-03 National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road, S(178957) | 6866 1977

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Dim sum weekday set lunch
Dim sum weekday set lunch

2/5 Min Jiang

Dim sum fans would be glad to know that the weekday dim sum set lunch returns from now until December 13. Enjoy a midday treat and tuck into steamed spareribs with black bean sauce, steamed conpoy and scallop dumplings, as well as pork and century egg congee.

Make sure you also order from the selection of comforting soups. Have the signature hot and sour soup or the nourishing daily double-boiled soup. 

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Min Jiang

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan, Orchard

Pork belly with scallops
Pork belly with scallops

3/5 Bedrock Bar & Grill

For the last edition of the World Meat Series this year, the focus is on the Budou-Buta, otherwise known as “Grape Pork” from Japan. The pigs are called as such because they are raised on a diet mostly made up of polyphenol-rich skin and seeds of grapes, which makes their meat more tender and with a milder scent.

Exclusive creations, available until December 15, include pulled pork and shrimp sandwich layered with truffle mayo and cucumber pickles, as well as woodfire grilled pork steak. This is accompanied by potatoes sautéed in pork fat, and corn purée.

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Bedrock Bar & Grill

Restaurant, $$$, Steak, European, Orchard

Steamed hairy crab
Steamed hairy crab

4/5 Yan Ting

As expected, this well-loved restaurant has something delicious to offer now that hairy crabs are back in season. The culinary team here has also crafted an exquisite special menu starring this popular crustacean.

Other than the ubiquitous steamed hairy crab, look forward to sumptuous creations such as braised bird’s nest broth, steamed Shanghai-style pork dumpling, and pan-fried scallops in a crispy tart—all elevated with the addition of the sweet flesh of the crab. Available until December 15.

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Yan Ting

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Orchard

Steamed hairy crabs
Steamed hairy crabs

5/5 Shang Palace

Not one to be left out, Shang Palace has also anticipated the hairy crab season. Executive chef Mok Kit Keung offers an enticing à la carte menu (until November 30) with tempting creations. This includes the classic steamed hairy crab, simply served with ginger tea to balance out the yin and yang elements. Take note: hairy crabs are said to be ‘cooling’ for the body.

Why stop there when you can also enjoy the crustacean’s coveted roe braised with fish maw in chicken broth, ginger and onion? Another version sees the petite crabs braised with diced beancurd and accompanied by spring onion pancakes. The hairy crab creations are also served as a six-course set menu.

Shang Palace

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Orchard


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