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Digest What your coffee order says about you

What your coffee order says about you

What your coffee order says about you
By Poppy Skinner
July 30, 2015
Are you a traditionalist or a minimalist? Don’t worry – your coffee order will soon tell us.

There used to be a time when ordering a coffee was as simple as ABC. Well, coffee lovers, with literally dozens of choices on offer now, those days are well and truly gone. Not just that, but there is a common belief that what coffee we choose, speaks volumes about our personality. With that in mind, we give you a quick guide to what your daily caffeine fix says about who you really are.

Long black

The coffee choice of the minimalist. A no muss, no fuss kind of person, you like to keep things as simple as possible. Either that or you just don’t care for milk.


When it comes to coffee, the espresso is the most European of all choices. The kind of order you imagine hoards of well suited gents drinking at bars across Italy, it’s the kind of drink that says you are a connoisseur of coffee.


You like the taste but have enough energy already, thank you very much.

Flat White

The drink taking the coffee world by storm, not only does this drink say you know your lifestyle trends, but that you like your coffee not to be side-lined by the taste of milk. Plus, this little cup of goodness more often than not comes with a pretty little milk steamed picture on top, which is always nice to see.


Ah, the traditional pick. A latte is warming, comforting and has just enough coffee to give you a bit of a kick. A latte also says you are a safe pair of hands.


One of the less ordered coffee’s, a macchiato says you don’t mess around. A perfect blend of short black with a dash of milk, it’s a quick, strong cup of Joe, ideal to give you an afternoon boost.


What to say about, the mocha. A mix of coffee, milk and chocolate, this comforting medley says, quite simply, you are most likely still a kid at heart.


Sad news for the cappuccino lovers, Starbucks recently announced they would be taking the 90s favourite drink off their menus. If it’s still your go-to, it says you’re a bit retro, a bit of a traditionalist, either that or you just haven’t read a coffee menu in quite some time.

Iced Coffee

Bad news for the iced coffee lover, ask any true-blue coffee expert and they will say that iced coffee is almost a sin. Never the less, if this is your order, you’re most likely a fan of following the latest trends and an adventurous soul.

The Soy-based coffee

Now you don’t just have to worry about what coffee to drink, you have to think about which milk to pop in it too. If you plump for soy, it says you’re a health conscious kind of person and probably a fan of the latest fads. Either that or you’re simply lactose intolerant.


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