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Drinks What To Imbibe At Negroni Week

What To Imbibe At Negroni Week

What To Imbibe At Negroni Week
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 15, 2018
If you’re going to spend a week with the Negroni, it might as well be for a cause. That’s what Negroni Week, from June 4 to 10, is all about. This, the annual charity initiative's fourth edition in Singapore, will feature over 70 participating bars who have pledged to donate at least $1 to their chosen charities with every Negroni or Negroni-inspired drink guests order. For added inspiration, we’ve shortlisted five creative renditions to consider come Negroni Week.

1/6 Betty’s Negroni

15ml Campari 20ml Gin 20ml Rosso Vermouth
5ml Port Charlotte Whisky (heavily peated)
Pinch of sea salt

Bartender Frank Hu, Manhattan
“This cocktail is a hybrid between a Boulevardier and a Negroni, and is inspired by one of my favourite gins. I've added whisky into my concoction to bring some smokiness, while the dryness creates more complexity.
To balance the drink, a small serve of Campari is added together with a pinch of sea salt, immediately suppressing the bitterness, and enhancing the sweet notes of the cocktail. A nice citrus orange twist is the perfect finish.”

Charity of choice: Helen David Fund

2/6 Gascon

20ml Campari
30ml Armagnac
20ml Mulled wine

Senior bartender Edriane Lim, Atlas
“Gascon is a reference to the inhabitants of Southwest France or Spain. Combining Armagnac (produced in the region of Gascony) and a mulled Rioja creates a feeling of when two elements come together as one.” It is served in a rocks glass over ice and garnished with dehydrated Armagnac glazed apple. 

Charity of choice: The Food Bank Singapore

3/6 Shards & Bitters

30ml Campari
30ml Sweet Vermouth
30ml Basil Pepperberry gin

Bartender Diveysh Pillai,  Smoke & Mirrors
“The cocktail is inspired by the bruschetta while retaining the core components—Campari and Sweet Vermouth—of a traditional Negroni. To replicate the spice notes you get when biting into a bruschetta, I infused gin with basil and Australian pepperberry for the base spirit of the cocktail. I top it off with an edible 'potato glass' garnish as a complementary textural element and an unusual touch of aesthetic.”

Charity of choice: The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

4/6 Buona Vista

30ml Campari
30ml Chocolate and hazelnut distillate
30ml Fig-infused Vermouth
Coffee foam

Bartender Adam Bursik and head bartender Bystrik Uko, Origin Bar
“Buona Vista draws inspiration from Singapore’s districts, and this particular district was the place where the first Italian settlers made their home. We decided to pay homage to the birth place of the classic by incorporating well known Italian flavours into this drink.”

Charity of choice: Reach Community Services (RCSS)

5/6 Nonna On Fleek

15ml Campari
30ml Gin
15ml Antica Formula
Herb smoked and garnished with olive tapenade on a parmesan crisp

Bartender Cherrie Soh, Caffe Fernet
“The Negroni is such a classic and the twist I’ve presented is parallel to what we do at Caffe Fernet—combining sensibility with our appreciation of Italian cuisine. The ingredients in this cocktail are staples in the Italian kitchen, the sort you’d find in a traditional home-cooked meal your nonna (granny) would make.
For a unique complexity and body, I’ve infused the smoke from burning rosemary, sage and thyme, and added black olives and a parmesan garnish to accentuate the classic (flavours of the) Negroni.”

Charity of choice: The New Charis Mission

6/6 Limonegroni

Mancino Bianco
Fords Gin
Homemade Limoncello

Bartender Palmira Bertuca, Marcello
"While curating the Limonegroni, I found my mind drifting to long summer days spent lounging on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. The result is a zesty, refreshing cocktail, which uses homemade limoncello to add a unique undertone to the classic taste of the Negroni. One sip of the Limonegroni, and the intense heat of the long Singaporean days simply melts away!"




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