What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Pureté Water?


September 5, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

Water as pure as nature intended from Fontana Tavina not only keeps you hydrated, it replenishes the vital minerals in your body too.



The water is sourced from Fonte Tavina in Italy, known for its purity and balanced trace of minerals

The decision to live a healthier life not only involves a better choice of foods but also the water you drink, which, ideally, should be as pure and natural as you can have it. And that is exactly what newly launched Italian mineral water brand  Pureté is all about.

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Its source of water is in Fonte Tavina; it's an ancient glacial basin that has been flowing with pure and clean water that the Ministry of Italy recognised it suitable for infants six months and above. Even 14th century historian M. Miglio immortalised it in his work, describing the feature as a “wonderful cave” with abundant water.

The iconic wavy design is not only pretty to look at, it makes the bottle easy to grip too

Even with the rise of modernisation, it manages to preserve its natural beauty and charm. Its strategic location within the High Garda Lake Natural Park, high in the Lombard pre-alps region, surrounded by 100,000sqm of greenery, ensures that water is not polluted or contaminated. It’s so pure and naturally enriched that there is no need to undergo purification treatments.

The bottle's sleek design represents water flow, but this unique shape also makes it easy to grip, a useful detail especially for people on-the-go. There's also the option to have it in a simple, yet elegantly designed glass bottle.

More importantly, the water is packed with calcium and magnesium—two vital minerals essential for your body. What's more, it's also low in sodium content, which is perfect for Singaporeans, who, according to a study by the Singapore Health Promotion Board, exceed their daily limit of salt intake. Well, that and the simple fact that Pureté water will keep you hydrated and refreshed in this scorching Singapore weather.