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Digest Unagi Season Is Back At Mikuni

Unagi Season Is Back At Mikuni

Unagi Season Is Back At Mikuni
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
July 11, 2018

Promotion: July 1 - 31 2018 (Expired)

Executive chef Keisuke Uno has prepared lunch and dinner menus celebrating the summer unagi festival

There are many reasons why we love summer, but unagi season right smack in the middle of it always ranks high on our list. It’s a big event in Japan with locals reveling in the “doyo no ushi no hi” or summer unagi festival by eating fresh water eel, which they believe improves their strength and vitality throughout the year.

Mikuni’s executive chef Keisuke Uno brings this beloved tradition to Singapore by preparing a sumptuous summer unagi festival four-course lunch and six-course dinner menu, available this entire month.

These don’t come with wine and sake pairing, but upon request, outlet manager and sommelier Ryuta Yamada will bring out his prized bottles and Japanese wines exclusive to the restaurant; the latter includes the Kikka Chardonnay 2015 and 2016 and Muscat Bailey 2015.

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Drop by for dinner to taste all of Uno’s creations. It commences with his innovative take on the quintessential “Monaka” style dessert; instead of using a red bean paste filling, he loads the crisp wafers with unagi, sliced cucumbers, ikura, pumpkin and luscious egg yolk sauce. It’s finished with truffle shavings—which is likely more for the overall look and aroma than the taste—before eating it like a burger. 

Hamamatsu chargrilled una-jyu, kimosui, pickles
Hamamatsu chargrilled una-jyu, kimosui, pickles

The Summer Appetiser, artfully presented on a plate, comprises small bites of grilled rainbow trout, which has an appealing yet slightly bitter aftertaste; crunchy eel bone; grilled eel sushi; edamame; and lightly roasted sweet corn.

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But all eyes will be on the Hamamatsu chargrilled una-jyu when it’s served on the table. The rice in a beautiful lacquer box, Kimosui (eel lover soup) and Japanese pickles come first, before Uno surprises guests by grilling the unagi—dressed in a mixture of sake, soy sauce and sugar—tableside.

Finish the meal with the refreshing and zesty Guava Delight, a beautiful composition of sweet and tangy guava carpaccio, icy granite and sour cherry sorbet.

The Summer Unagi Festival lunch and dinner menu is available until July 31.

Mikuni | Fairmont Singapore, Level 3, 80 Bras Basah Road, S(189560) | 6431 6156 |

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