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Tastemakers 5 Reasons To Visit Long Beach @ Stevens

5 Reasons To Visit Long Beach @ Stevens

5 Reasons To Visit Long Beach @ Stevens
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
August 29, 2018
Long Beach Seafood Restaurant opens the doors to its latest outpost on Stevens Road, offering classics and tempting new treats

1/5 Seafood Haven

In Singapore’s dining landscape, few establishments have withstood the test of time. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is one of those that has proved its mettle over the past 70 years, thanks to its stellar reputation as a purveyor of the freshest and most delicious seafood. In order to cater to its growing clientele, the establishment has opened its Stevens Road outlet, which boasts refined yet warm interiors that are versatile enough for an intimate catch-up with friends, or for a big fat family reunion dinner. 

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2/5 Comfort Food

There’s never a wrong time to savour the Li Shan clay pot live marble goby, which is one of the bestsellers here. The marble goby simmers in a hearty superior stock, which is boiled for eight hours using chicken and fish bones, herbs and seasoning. The thick and milky soup is loaded with umami goodness and is the perfect complement to the fish’s natural sweetness.

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3/5 Labour of Love

The roast Irish duck is the “best of both textures”, as it offers succulent meat and crispy skin. The restaurant has a dedicated chef who prepares this crowd favourite. He uses Irish duck because of its fragrant and less fatty meat, which is marinated in a secret mixture for six hours, and then skilfully roasted over charcoal. It’s so popular that bigger parties are recommended to order it in advance.

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4/5 Deliciously Addictive

Be warned: it’s hard to stop eating the freshly made fragrant golden fish skin once you start. You’ll understand what we mean once you pop these thinly sliced goodies in your mouth. The culinary team’s mastery comes into play as they expertly deep-fry the skin, which has been dipped evenly in a rich and buttery egg yolk concoction, until light and crisp, but not oily and with the coating still firmly intact.

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5/5 Firm Favourites

It’d not be the Long Beach we’ve come to love without its treasured crustacean classics. Naturally, the extensive menu includes the original and famous black pepper crab (left) that’s stir-fried in a piquant sauce as well as the popular chilli crab, a local favourite with the fleshy meat enhanced with the tomato and chilli sauce. It’s so luscious, you’d want to mop up the last drop with the deep-fried mantou buns.
Long Beach @ Stevens | 01-10 Mercure Singapore on Stevens, 30 Stevens Road | 6445 8833


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