The Macallan Quest Collection To Debut In Singapore


December 27, 2017 | BY Don Mendoza

This is The Macallan’s first collection of global travel retail exclusive whiskies in seven years, and it'll be available only at Singapore Changi Airport for the first month of its global launch.

Seven years since the launch of The Macallan’s global travel retail exclusive 1824 selection of whiskies, the famed Scottish distillery is launching its Quest Collection—a brand new quartet of whiskies, exclusive to the global retail channel. And it’s debuting in Singapore Changi Airport on January 1, 2018, where it will be available exclusively for the entire month, before making it onto the shelves of major airports around the world.

Aimed at offering consumers a thought-out taste of The Macallan’s winning style, which predominantly celebrates a strong tradition in using the finest oak to craft its exceptional wood driven single malts. In essence, the range aptly invites consumers on a journey to acquire a broader appreciation of the range of European and American oak used given the opportunity.

It would be easy to limit one’s appreciation of The Macallan single malts to the brand’s key selection of Sherry-seasoned European and American oak blends. But as this new range also proudly spotlights, there is a breadth of easier, zesty and vanilla led flavour profiles to be had, starting with The Macallan Quest, which has been created using four different cask types: European and American oak Sherry seasoned, American ex-Bourbon and hogshead casks.

The Macallan Lumina, on the other hand, combines three casks types to produce a slightly bolder whisky with notes of creamy vanilla and wood spice, and, particularly, ginger. That said, those familiar with its whiskies might add that the distinct blend of rich wood spices and dried fruit is most prominent in The Macallan Terra—a more complex yet balanced single malt, aged in selected first fill sherry-seasoned oak casks. 

Others might add that it is The Macallan Enigma that takes the consumer closest to closest to “the heart of The Macallan”. Aged exclusively in European oak sherry-seasoned casks from one cooperage in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, this is a “rich and intense” single malt with “mature oak” characteristics and hints of cinnamon, vanilla and dried fruit.

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