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Drinks The Jack Daniel’s Craft & Luxury Collection Makes Its Anticipated Singapore Debut

The Jack Daniel’s Craft & Luxury Collection Makes Its Anticipated Singapore Debut

The Jack Daniel’s Craft & Luxury Collection Makes Its Anticipated Singapore Debut
By Don Mendoza
By Don Mendoza
July 14, 2020
This also marks the launch of Brown-Forman’s LazMall flagship e-store where the company’s latest and even limited range of spirits are now more easily accessible

While an invitation to kick back with a little Jack Daniel’s whiskey would more likely elicit a request to add a little Coke into the mix than it would the serious scrutiny of brown spirit connoisseurs, there is no denying the brand’s iconic standing. 

One might even be surprised to learn that it is built on a tradition of making fine charcoal-mellowed Tennessee whiskey that spans over 150 years. Or that every bottle of Jack Daniel’s originates from a single distillery—the same one the Brown-Forman Corporation acquired in 1956.

But this is perhaps why the recent introduction of its Craft & Luxury Collection to the Singapore market is a timely and necessary reminder of the craftsmanship behind the exemplary brand of American whiskey. Made up of its Single Barrel Collection, as well as the Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold and Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, the Singapore release is also timed to mark the launch of Brown-Forman’s LazMall flagship store—aside from being a resource of information, this is where the company aims to debut new and exclusive products.

“Singapore has seen a rapid digital transformation in 2020 and it is exciting for us to partner Brown-Forman in this step forward,” adds Alex Yong, managing director of Malt & Wine Asia, a distribution partner of the Brown-Forman portfolio in Singapore. He believes the e-mall is the ideal platform to activate, engage and interact with an emerging group of consumers who are very keen to explore American whiskey.

Many are no doubt familiar with Jack Daniel’s signature Old No. 7, but what the brand’s Craft & Luxury Collection aims to spotlight is its focus on creating rare gems, fine expressions that don’t detract from the fact that the distillery makes arguably the most popular whiskey (no, it's not bourbon) stateside.

The Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold, for example, is the only double barrelled, double mellowed Tennessee whiskey in the world. It’s a unique expression of the old No. 7 that celebrates a key aspect of the whiskey making process, during which the maple barrels the spirit is aged in impart essential flavours and other unique qualities.

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Similarly, the Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is a classic whiskey that boasts a bolder, more oaky expression of its signature Tennessee whiskey. This is the result of specially designed barrels, with deep grooves that expose the whiskey to unprecedented levels of toasted oak.

As the name suggest, this is a nod to legendary crooner Frank Sinatra’s taste for good whiskey, one that sparked a 50-year friendship with the brand.

For more insight into the advantages of America’s oldest registered distillery, discerning imbibers will appreciate its collection of single barrel bottlings. At 94 proof, the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select is expectedly bottled in the smallest of batches. For a fuller and more intense flavour profile, the Single Barrel 100 Proof we sampled boasted a full body and a palate marked by delicate notes of butterscotch and stewed fruits.

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There’s even a Single Barrel Rye alternative. And, while this also boasts the smoothness of the brand’s signature whiskey (which is made with 80 per cent corn, 8 per cent barley and 12 per cent rye), it is a bolder alternative that's made using a 70 per cent rye grain bill, for a noticeably complex balance of spice, ripe fruit and light toasted oak notes.

To be sure, it adds to the draw of this select range of whiskeys and more importantly doesn’t distract from the qualities fans of Jack Daniel’s whiskey have come to love.


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