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Digest Nox Might Be Closing, but It’s Not Because of Covid-19

Nox Might Be Closing, but It’s Not Because of Covid-19

Nox Might Be Closing, but It’s Not Because of Covid-19
Photo: Nox/Facebook
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 07, 2021
The dine in the dark restaurant faces an uncertain future as its landlord has demanded it vacates the premises by end of June

The past year has been extremely difficult for the F&B industry and we have seen restaurants come and go. By end of June, we might have one less establishment in the scene as dine in the dark restaurant Nox has announced that it might shutter its doors for good.

Before you blame the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant released a statement today (May 7) to confirm that the landlord is “disputing the validity of our renewal clause and has demanded we vacate the premises by the end of June 2021”.

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“It’s extremely disappointing to be faced by this situation as we have battled through a very difficult period of lockdown and social distancing during the past 12 months,” shares owner and founder Jesper Gustafsson, who launched the restaurant's Singapore outlet in 2013 to offer diners a “unique dining experience” and give the visually impaired staff a second home and an opportunity to work.

Gustafsson hopes to settle the matter soon, so that his staff would not risk losing their jobs, especially during these trying times. He adds: “The team at Nox would be thankful if the public and our regular guests can show us more support by visiting us.”

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