Newby’s Teas’ Oolong Collection is Now Available in Singapore


June 27, 2016 | BY Dudi Aureus

London’s luxury tea brand has brought four rare tea flavours prettily packaged in bespoke gift caddies.

With our rainy weather, how does a cup of tea sound? Perfect. But don’t let it be just any ordinary blend — we suggest you try something from Newby’s Teas’ majestic Oolong Collection.

It comes in four flavours, with leaves originating from the mountainous region in Taiwan known for its exceptional quality and variety of crops. The brand’s master tea blenders tediously harvest and preserve these with much love, care and precision.

The results are contained in bespoke caddies designed by Newby’s Teas’ in-house team. The tactile latticed boxes come in shades of dark chocolate and silver, and each one comes with a different coloured seal to distinguish the blends.

The yellow seal is the High Mountain, a golden yellow tea originating from the semi-wild Ji Chun bushes. It has a distinctive orchid aroma and when you taste it, it’s very rich, fruity and sweet. Named after the Taiwanese mountain, Dong Ding has a red seal and has a well-rounded taste with fruity notes and smooth body.

Representing the Four Seasons Spring is the green seal, and this tea is lightly oxidised and semi-fermented. With an attractive bright yellow colour, the taste is more on the fruity side but it’s coveted for its prolonged finish.  Last but not least is the purple-sealed Oriental Beauty, another fermented tea blend with honey and ripe peach notes.

Newby’s Teas Oolong Collection is available online and in selected stores in Singapore