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Digest Nespresso Teams Up With The Food Bank Singapore To Pay It Forward

Nespresso Teams Up With The Food Bank Singapore To Pay It Forward

Nespresso Teams Up With The Food Bank Singapore To Pay It Forward
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
June 05, 2017
By recycling your Nespresso capsules, you can do more than just save the environment.


When Generation T listers and siblings Nichol and Nicholas Ng founded The Food Bank Singapore in 2012, their initial goal was to minimise food wastage through ‘responsible living’ and at the same time feed the less privileged. That’s why it only seemed natural that they would eventually team up with Nespresso, which shares the same commitment of precision consumption.

The Nespresso x The Food Bank Singapore Healthy Food Bundle programme is a new initiative that’s part of the One Pod at a Time Campaign. The latter was launched last year to reiterate the message that the Nespresso experience doesn’t end with drinking coffee but a complete cycle that ensures nothing goes to waste

Every bit of the capsule is recycled; the coffee grounds are donated to Quan Fa Organic Farm, where the farmers use it as compost for their fruit and vegetable farming. The aluminum capsules, which are infinitely recyclable, are donated to a local recycling company and remelted into new products such as bicycle frames and windows.

Says Nichol Ng, chief food officer of the non-profit organisation, “Nespresso came to us with their capsule recycling initiative and wanted to see if vegetables can be incorporated into our healthier bundles.” These are excess food that would have gone to waste, but are packaged and redistributed to those who need them the most.

When club members recycle their capsules—they can drop them off at any outlet or have them picked up at home—Nespresso has pledged that it will contribute approximately one meal to one of The Food Bank Singapore’s beneficiaries.

Alongside basic necessities such as milk, bee hoon and rice, Quan Fa Organic Farm will also provide vegetables to the bundles, enough to provide one person with eight to 10 nutritious meals.

Club members will also a small receive a reward: 10 per cent off when they purchase their vegetables on the farm’s e-shop.

It may seem like a small step but when everyone works together, this initiative will contribute to building a more sustainable future. “Though our partnership with Nespresso, we aim to close the loop, create awareness about living more responsibly while having a big impact on society,” says Ng.

Photos courtesy of Nespresso


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