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Digest Need a Seriously Potent Coffee in the Morning?

Need a Seriously Potent Coffee in the Morning?

Need a Seriously Potent Coffee in the Morning?
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
August 05, 2016
We’ve got five for you.

Mornings are usually never complete without a healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee. But there are times when your usual cuppa is not enough to enliven your senses and help start the day right. Enter: Our coffee picks that pack a punch with their strong and rich character, not to mention amazing aroma. Here are some of them.

Envivo Lungo

Photo: Nespresso

Coffee experts have introduced a permanent addition to its Nespresso Lungo range—the Envivo Lungo. From a scale of one to 12, it has the intensity level of nine, which makes it one of strongest flavours the brand carries so far. But what makes it so good? Each recyclable capsule holds a perfect blend of roasted Arabica beans from India and Robusta from Mexico. As for the taste, it’s known for its full-bodied mouthfeel with delicious caramel notes and long finish.

Ristretto Ardenza

Photo: Dolce Gusto

The Ristretto Ardenza is Nescafe’s strongest coffee to date, and the reason for this lies in how it’s prepared. The intense espresso cup’s flavours are preserved by using less water with the same amount of ground coffee. The result is a coffee drink that will give you an immediate jolt, thanks to the bolder flavours of roasted beans, hazelnut and licorice. It will also leave a lasting impression with its smoky aroma and peppery aftertaste.

Espresso El Reto

Photo: Cafe Direct

Café Direct
Another coffee variety known for its richness is Café Direct’s Espresso El Reto. When translated to English, El Reto means “The Challenge”—an apt word considering it has an intensity level of 11 from a scale of one to 12. Smooth but with a dark character, the potent beverage is balanced with sweet caramel notes, and can be served long or short. 

Grey Gaucho

Photo: Tripod Coffee

Tripod Coffee
Australian brand, Tripod Coffee rates its coffee intensity by number of hats—five being the highest—and Grey Gaucho is one of the two products that reached this level. The founders named it so because its characteristics are similar to the tough cowboys of the South American grasslands. Each cup is full-bodied and instantly hits the palate with its robust flavours blended with savoury cedar and spice notes.

iperEspresso Dark Roasted Coffee

Photo: Amazon

Illy is a household name when it comes to quality coffee. One of its most popular varieties is the iperEspresso Dark Roasted Coffee that is made from 100 percent pure and roasted Arabica coffee beans. It has a rich and round flavour that is pleasant to the palate without a bitter aftertaste.



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