Must-Try Cocktails At Potato Head Folk’s Studio 1939


March 16, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

Happy Hour just got merrier thanks to head mixologist Kamil Foltan.

Kamil Foltan is ace at dreaming up new concoctions. His latest ones have been inspired by Asian flavours and the interesting mixes are all found on Studio 1939’s refreshed cocktail menu. “I would say that about 80 per cent was changed,” he says.

If you want to try them all, here are four recommendations to start with.

Yakun Kaya

That’s right. This drink is inspired by one of our favourite breakfast staples—kaya toast. To create this, bourbon is infused with pandan and mixed with homemade coffee bitters and almond syrup.

Coconut Negroni

We’ll pick the Coconut Negroni—concocted with coconut-infused rum, vermouth and campari—any day. It’s best described as an explosion of flavours that starts sweet and ends on a bitter note.

Kong’s Fizz

Kong’s Fizz is like liquid dessert for adults; it comes with a kick! It has a sweet, sour and slightly spicy base, but the egg white gives it a silky and creamy finish. Have it as a digestive and better yet—pair it with desserts.

Yuzu Highball

This is easily one of our favourites. At 20 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume), you get a slight punch from the homemade yuzu vermouth and Nusa Caña rum, but it leaves a refreshing finish with the use of East Imperial Yuzu tonic.

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