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Drinks Why You'll Want Miele’s CM5 Coffee Machine

Why You'll Want Miele’s CM5 Coffee Machine

Why You'll Want Miele’s CM5 Coffee Machine
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
February 26, 2018


The latest coffee machine from Miele checks off all the requirements on our list.

With so many models available in the market today, how do you choose the coffee maker that suits your needs best? For a start, design, price and function are some of the key guidelines. And if the convenience of having a free-standing machine is an aspect you can appreciate, then the CM5, Miele’s new range of reasonably-priced countertop coffee machines, which will be available next month, is a choice option.

The range comes in two versions: the CM 5300, in sleek Obsidian black, and the rose gold CM 5500 that boasts a pearl finish. Both are more compact and slimmer (241mm wide, 360mm tall and 460mm deep, to be precise) than their sister models—the higher priced CM6 and CM7 series.

They are also super easy to use, thanks to features like speciality coffees, from a single ristretto to a latte, at a simple push of a button, as well as automatic cleaning programmes such as rinsing milk lines with water from the on-board tank.

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For coffee-on-the-go, there's even a function that quickly prepares and dispenses between three to six cups of coffee into a thermos flask. And to better suit your preferences, you can also adjust parameters such as water volume, grind quality, temperature and pre-brewing. It’s that easy.

All you have to do is choose your desired beans. Of course, owning a Miele coffee machine comes with added perks like access to the brand's exclusive Black Edition N°1, a blend of four Arabica beans roasted and blended by a German roaster.

Scroll through the gallery for more photos:

The CM5 range comes in two versions—the CM 5300 and CM 5500
It uses the same tried-and-tested technology as Miele's higher priced models
The sensor pushbuttons make preparing your favourite beverage easy to do


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