Midweek drinks: Sugarhall


September 16, 2014 | BY Amy Van | Photos courtesy of Sugarhall

Launched by the folks behind Jigger & Pony, Sugarhall proffers more than 60 kinds of cane spirits served alongside robust charcoal-grilled fare.

0- Sugar-Hall---Whole-Chicken-(Sides---Grilled-Leek-&-Vine-Tomatoes).jpg - 

Potent rum-based cocktails are partnered with robust charcoal-grilled fare at Sugarhall, launched by the folks behind Jigger & Pony. The grilled whole spring chicken, infused with rosemary is a must-try. Sugarhall’s cocktail menu features “hungry-to-full” indicators that recommend each drink according to your preference; order a dry and light-bodied drink if you’re “hungry”, or a richer and full-bodied cocktail if you are “full”. Playful rum-based cocktails include Muay Thai Punch inspired by Thai milk tea.

102 Amoy Street, Tel: 6222 9102.

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