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Digest Mid-Autumn Festival 2020: New Snowskin Mooncake Flavours to Try in Singapore

Mid-Autumn Festival 2020: New Snowskin Mooncake Flavours to Try in Singapore

By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
August 17, 2020
From Janice Wong's hand-painted chocolate mooncakes to executive chef Angelo Ciccone of Basilico's Italian-inspired creations, here are the 15 snowskin mooncake flavours that are available in Singapore

This story was updated on September 18, 2020

The snowskin mooncakes have earned their place in our Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, thanks to the chefs who continue to reinvent them every year in delicious and creative ways. And 2020 is no different with a gamut of newfangled offerings, including these flavours we're looking forward to sampling this season. 

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1/15 Mini Snowskin Plantation 1840

The hotel bar’s signature cocktail of the same name has been reinvented as a new snowskin flavour. These bright yellow-hued delights comprise a light and citrusy filling of pineapple, lemon and sugar cane, bolstered by the rum’s alcoholic kick. Available until October 1. Order here.

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15 Stamford by Alvin Leung

Restaurant, $$$, Asian, City Hall/ Bras Basah

2/15 Pistachio, Fig and Amarena Cherry

Executive chef Angelo Ciccone has tapped into his Italian roots to create his contribution to your Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. His novel version is extra special thanks to a luscious filing, made with quintessentially Italian ingredients such as Amarena cherries, Sicilian pistachios and dried figs. Each bite is a delicious medley of sweet, sour and nutty flavours. Order here.

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Restaurant, $$, Italian, Orchard

3/15 Apricot and Sourplum

The decadent dessert is a reinterpretation of MasterChef Jereme Leung’s signature creation—plum-pickled tomatoes with crunchy turnip & sweet vinegar. A perfect post-meal treat, every bite is a heavenly union of fresh apricot puree balanced with sour plum and white chocolate. Order here.

Yi by Jereme Leung | 328 North Bridge Road, 03-02 Raffles Arcade, S(188719) |  6412 1331 |

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4/15 Pure Snowskin Mooncake

The highlight of TWG Tea's Mid-Autumn celebration this year is the Sky Lantern Tea, a delicious blend of green tea with notes of ripe black cherry and pale rose petals. The distinct taste is infused in this snowskin variant comprising white lotus paste, elevated further with raspberry bits and a white chocolate heart filled with raspberry rose confit. Available until October 1. Order here.

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5/15 Mini Black Forest

Chocolate lovers—young and old—won’t be able to resist this new offering, featuring a base of decadent Valrhona chocolate mixed with zesty cherry ganache and fresh cherry bits. Available until October 1. Order here.

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Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, City Hall/ Bras Basah

6/15 Orh Nee

Fancy a snowskin mooncake inspired by Singaporean desserts? Dig into Crowne Plaza Changi Airport's orh nee creation, a delicious medley of creamy yam paste and boiled gingko nuts hidden within a velvety soft skin. Available until October 1. Order here.


Restaurant, $$, International, Other Areas

7/15 Matcha Black Sesame

You can’t go wrong with matcha—even in snowskin flavours. And the chefs at Pan Pacific Singapore have created a new variant that combines the matcha's smooth and almost grassy taste with the rich and nutty tang of the black sesame paste. Available until October 1. Order here.

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Hai Tien Lo

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, City Hall/ Bras Basah

8/15 Exotic Passion Fruit with Candied Pineapple and Mango Mochi

Mandarin Oriental Singapore's culinary team has given the contemporary treat a fruity spin by imbuing the silver lotus paste with candied pineapple chunks, which are further sweetened for eight hours and dried for two days. Even better, you’ll find a mochi in the centre that bursts with mango and passion fruit juices to offset the sugary filling. Available until October 1. Order here

Cherry Garden

Restaurant, $$$, Chinese, Cantonese, Marina Bay

9/15 Mellow Apple Calvados Truffle

Who can resist Grand Hyatt Singapore's inspired creation that pays homage to the first known cider distillation that took place in France in the 16th century? It does so by combining the sweet apple-flavoured filling with Calvados, an iconic French brandy, that gives it a potent kick. Available until October 1. Order here.

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Restaurant, $$, International, Orchard

10/15 Signature Popcorn Salted Caramel with Chocolate Fondant Cake

Leave it to pastry chef Janice Wong to come up with innovative ways to present the classic mooncakes. This year, she has come up with hand-painted chocolate mooncakes featuring eight flavours inspired by familiar flavours such as yuzu, caramel jelly and cake, and confetti rose. The box of eight also includes the signature popcorn salted caramel, showcasing a decadent chocolate fondant filling layered with salted caramel jelly. Available until October 1. Order here.

2am:dessertbar | 21A Lorong Liput, S(277733) |  6291 9727 |


11/15 Purple Sweet Potato with Manuka Honey

How about a snowskin mooncake that’s delicious and healthy at the same time? This variety, which comes in a silky white skin, is filled with Japanese sweet potato puree that’s rich in fibre and beta-carotene and is a good source of vitamin A. The addition of Manuka honey and nuts give each bite a sweet and nutty edge. Available until October 1. Order here.

Feng Shui Inn

Restaurant, Chinese, Harbourfront and Sentosa

12/15 Pandan and Coconut Kaya

The culinary team’s snowskin offerings—packed in elegant tingkat carriers—were inspired by classic Peranakan desserts. Such is the pandan and coconut kaya, showcasing fragrant pandan kaya jam that gives way to a delicious core of coconut kaya jam. Other flavours include chendol, pulut hitam and durian pengat. Available until October 1. Order here.  

Man Fu Yuan

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Bugis

13/15 Royal Milk Tea with Honey Osmanthus Truffle

Those with a penchant for tea will enjoy this inspired creation, comprising a delicious filling made with Ding Dong tea leaves and melded with the fragrance of the honey osmanthus truffle. Available until October 1. Order here.

Yan Ting

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Orchard

14/15 Yuan Yang

Executive Chinese chef Leong Chee Yeng drew inspiration from Singaporean culinary traditions to craft new snowskin flavours, such as the Yuan Yuang. The luscious filling is made with Nanyang-style coffee and Hong Kong-style milk tea for the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. Available until October 1. Order here.

Jade Restaurant

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, Marina Bay

15/15 Sour Plum with Roasted Organic Hazelnut

Master chef Lap Fai’s healthy and tasty snowskin features sour plums which have been specially imported from Hong Kong. These are steamed and ground to form the filling, then mixed with organic Turkish hazelnuts for that extra crunch. Order here.

Hua Ting

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, Orchard


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