Margarita Fores Answers Our Questions About Filipino Cuisine


October 4, 2017 | BY Wilson Fok

The seasoned restauranteur, who was recognised as Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2016, talks about her vision for Filipino cuisine.

With the aim to celebrate the vibrant range of flavours of the Philippines, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016 awardee Margarita Fores is the iconic powerhouse driving the taste revolution that has heightened the global recognition of the country’s unique cuisine.

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Fores came to Hong Kong in late August, where she hosted a Philippine cuisine showcase featuring the best lechon, or Philippine roasted suckling pig, and a few other notable dishes and artisanal products—a project two years in the making in partnership with the Philippine Department of Agriculture. We met up with Fores and asked her to share her passion for this underrated Asian cuisine.

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