La Ventana Pairs Signature Dishes With Sake For A One-Night Only Special Dinner


November 11, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

New head chef Toni Valero will prepare a six-course menu, which you can enjoy with premium sake from the Tochigi prefecture.

For something different, La Ventana’s new head chef Toni Valero has paired his delectable modern European menu with premium sake from the Tochigi prefecture. You’ll be able to try this unique offering at the Sake Pairing Dinner, which takes place on November 14. 

It comprises six of chef’s signature dishes, such as the sweet and plump Hokkaido scallops with cauliflower and pandan puree, served with the excellent Sanran Junmai Daiginjo, as well as the beef steak tartare with mustard, which you can have with the potent Azumarikishi Uroko 5 years Aged sake.

Don’t miss the surprise at the end—the curry leaf ice cream & strawberry Szechuan pepper paired with refreshing Sanran yuzu liqueur.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 6479 0100 or email

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