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DigestWhy You'll Keep Coming Back To Modern Japanese Restaurant Omoté

Why You'll Keep Coming Back To Modern Japanese Restaurant Omoté

Why You'll Keep Coming Back To Modern Japanese Restaurant Omoté
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
March 06, 2019
The casual restaurant at Thomson Plaza gets an upgrade but still offers delicious Japanese fare at extremely reasonable prices

Modern Japanese restaurant Omoté, formerly known as Sushiro, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a 12-seater sushi bar at Thomson Plaza. With the recent rebrand, a development marketing manager Tricia Tan attributes to the team's continuous effort to elevate the dining experience, it has since moved to a larger 7,000-sqft space on the third level of the same mall.

There’s much to look forward to with the new space, which means more reasons why you should make a reservation for your next visit.

1/5A bigger space

The roomy interior is every bit modern and welcoming, evinced by the exposed industrial ceiling, concrete grey floor and comfortable, well-spaced tables. But a closer look around will reveal Japanese touches smartly interwoven within the design. They’ve also kept the sushi counter and decorated the walls with murals of Japanese landmarks like Mt. Fuji or animals like the crane.

But there's more to this upgrade than improved interiors. In the third quarter of the year, the restaurant will launch an "omakase experience" which regular customers can enjoy in an intimate private room. Shares Tan, “We want to capitalise on our good relationship with them and give an exclusive experience.”

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2/5Surprise menu

Executive chef Philip Christopher Miu says that they will use more premium ingredients in the seven-course omakase menu comprising seasonal appetisers, nigiri and grilled dishes, as well as the sushi omakase menu, which boasts 12 beautifully handcrafted pieces of sushi, an appetiser and soup. As a testament to the freshness of their food, they fly in their seafood from Japan twice a week.

The regular menu (available at the Teishoku premise or the main dining room), too, is more extensive than the previous one, with options that run the gamut.

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3/5Delicious rice bowls

That said, regular patrons know that there are good reasons for ordering the "luxe-premium Omoté-chirashi don", which you’ll find out once you dig into this bowl of of fluffy sushi rice topped with ocean-fresh sea urchin, salmon caviar and a good variety of diced seafood. It’s packed with all the umami goodness, enhanced with a good drizzle of light and flavourful shoyu.

If you are in fact in the mood for a rice dish, there's a selection of mouthwatering donburi to choose from, such as the Kyoto glazed duck don and salmon belly teriyaki don.

We’re sure the former will appeal to your tastebuds with its meaty slices of glazed smoked duck and a gooey onsen egg that gives added richness to the dish. Otherwise, the latter spotlights a hard-to-resist serving of charred chunks of plump salmon belly that are succulent and tender to the core. 

4/5Modern offerings

While flavours here are authentic, chefs at Omoté are not afraid to innovate. Japanese cuisine remains its beating heart, but you can look forward to contemporary dishes peppered throughout the menu. The Asari Garlic Flambé is one of them; what resembles a humble dish is a bowl of venus saltwater clams soaked in a savoury, Asari-infused broth with heaps of garlic, scallions and chilli padi for a spicy kick.

The classic grilled beef steak is also a winner. The juicy Australian striploin is deftly pan-seared over high heat and then artfully arranged on the plate before it's sliced, sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with fried garlic and scallions.

5/5Drinks that please

More evidence of their clever use of the larger space is the addition of a retro-inspired bar that carries a decent selection of Japanese spirits and quirkily-named cocktails. The Pussimelon Boulevardier, for example, is a potent but refreshing dose of Campari, Vermouth, whisky and watermelon extract, that you might picture drinking yourself savouring on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the Lush Cucumber Spice, an interesting mix of cucumber and wasabi, is a surprising match made in cocktail heaven. It’s every bit invigorating but with a slight heat that lingers on the palate.

Teetotalers, on the other hand, should find the selection of mocktails equally enticinig. For sure, it would be hard to resist Shirley’s Temple of Bears, sweetened with grenadine syrup and finished with bobbing gummy bears.

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Omoté | 03-24A Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road, S(574408) | 9450 1020




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