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Digest Indulge in Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Truffle Menu This July

Indulge in Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Truffle Menu This July

Indulge in Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Truffle Menu This July
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
July 14, 2016
Throughout the month, chef Christopher Millar and team are presenting a memorable dinner menu that highlights Australia’s exotic winter truffles.

Australia's prized winter truffles is in its peak season this July

Before the month ends, make sure you book a trip to Stellar at 1-Altitude for its glorious Truffle Constellation menu, available only for dinner. Yes, you have a little more than two weeks to indulge in chef Christopher Millar’s eight-course menu that puts Australia’s prized Manjimup truffles in the spotlight.

Before you dig in, you’ll first be treated to an amuse bouche which changes daily depending on the available produce, as well as a warm and crusty charcoal bread that’s so addictive you won’t be able to put it down. But make sure you don’t waste your tummy space for there’s a feast that lies ahead.

Chef Millar begins your dinner experience with the pretty ‘Vacherin’ of truffle pont le eveque cheese with a taste that’s similar to blue cheese. It’s wrapped in crispy pastry and topped with caramelised black mission figs to give it a sweet taste, balancing the overall richness of the dish. To present the dish, chef places it in a somewhat small and round wooden platform that makes it difficult to eat. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying it down to the last bite. Trust us, it’s worth it.   

Loch fyn salmon tartare wrapped in Corsican Valetta, wild asparagus, almond milk curd, black truffle

Next up is the very meaty and not too fatty Loch Fyne salmon tartare that is wrapped in Corsican Valetta (cured pork meat) for a slight saltiness that goes well with the smoky flavours of the fish. To complete the first course, it’s topped with wild asparagus, almond milk curd and generous shavings of black truffle.

While the third dish, a scrambled Japanese red egg with truffle and Sevruga caviar, doesn’t leave much of an impression, the truffle latte with truffle macaron is the opposite. Sure, it looks simple served in a small white cup with a small piece of truffle shaving on top and a small savoury macaron on the side, but every sip is rich with the earthiness of this prized ingredient.

Truffle gnocchi

Two of the heavier options are the truffle risotto with poached Maine lobster and shaved winter truffles, a truly comforting dish, as well as the summer greens with smoked gnocchi and black truffles, which is like a garden on a plate.

The last main dish is the foie gras with celeriac and truffle butter before dessert. Down to the last course, the theme is strictly followed with pastry chef Jasmin Chew’s Madagascar honey truffle ice cream with chocolate shavings.

For an additional fee, you can enjoy the courses with a special wine pairing. The restaurant’s resident sommelier has curated a list to enhance the flavours of each dish, as well as your overall dining experience. 

Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Truffle Constellation dinner menu is available throughout the month.

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