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Digest Indulge In All The Durians You Want

Indulge In All The Durians You Want

Indulge In All The Durians You Want
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 25, 2017
There’s no denying we love our durians. And when it’s in season, local chefs like flexing their creative muscles to present it in different ways. Whether you prefer it as is, as pastries, or topped on a pizza, here are the places where you can get your durian fix. Enjoy the King of Fruit while you can!


This gem of a restaurant on Desker Road is not only known for its modern Asian offerings but its signature durian cake. A perennial favourite, it’s a luscious ensemble of fluffy pandan genois sponge layered with pure Mao Shan Wang durian and cocooned in a light French Chantilly cream.

CreatureS | 120 Desker Road,S(209639) | Call 6291 6996 | Email

Coffee Lounge

May 13 to July 31
There’s more to Coffee Lounge than, well, coffee. You’ll find a range of delicious durian offerings here—from the matcha and salted caramel cakes made with the prized D24—available for a limited period only. Don’t forget to check out the live station to find the durian crepes prepared a la minute.

Coffee Lounge | Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, S(228221) | Call 6730 1746 | Email

Crossroads Bar

July 1 to 31
Tea time always calls for both sweet and savoury treats, and if you’re like us, it won’t be complete without an array of durian cakes, crepes, éclair, pudding, and Swiss roll oozing with the richness and creaminess of the fruit. Pair with freshly brewed coffee or TWG Tea and with great conversations with friends, the afternoon’s pretty much complete.

Crossroads Bar | 20 Merchant Road, S(058281) | Call 6239 1847/1848 | Email

Ellenborough Market Café

July 1 to 31
Stop and smell the durians. It’s coming back (in a big way) at the Peranakan-inspired buffet spread, with the dessert station brimming with luscious offerings such as the durian crème puffs, tarts, puddings, and even the signature durian pengat. Purists, don’t fret. Just top up to enjoy the fresh Mao Shan Wang.

Swissotel Merchant Court | 20 Merchant Road, S(058281) | Call 6239 1847/1848 | Email

Marriott Cafe

June 1 to August 9
Durian pizza… it sounds so wrong but it’s pretty yummy. And that’s just one of the delicious dishes you’ll get to savour at Marriott Café during the durian season. If you need any more reasons, how about the durian cream puffs filled with creamy durian mousse; Swiss rolls loaded with cream; or strudel with D24 puree?

Marriott Cafe | Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel | 320 Orchard Road, S(238865) | 6831 4605 | Visit


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