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DrinksHappy Hour With… Dominic Whisson

Happy Hour With… Dominic Whisson

Happy Hour With… Dominic Whisson
By Dudi Aureus
February 23, 2017
The senior bartender of American Bar at The Savoy is in town next week to head the bar at Tippling Club. We talk to him about the classic drinks he’ll be presenting as well as his go-to libation.

On regular nights, you’ll often see Dominic Whisson in his trademark white suit, behind the bar of London’s award-winning American Bar at The Savoy, and concocting intoxicating drinks—from your usual martini to a classic Old Fashioned. But not on Tuesday (February 28).

He’ll be in town to head the bar at Tippling Club, and for one night only, you’ll be treated to Savoy-renowned swigs complemented by chef Ayo Adeyemi’s five-course menu inspired by the hotel’s haute cuisine.

We chat with the decorated senior bartender about working at one of the most iconic bars in the world and the cocktails he’ll be bringing to our sunny shores.

How’s it like working at the one of the most iconic bars in the world?
Dominic Whisson
Working at the American Bar has a certain gravity. Every day poses a new challenge and an adventure, and has a story to follow.

How will you bring the spirit of American Bar to Singapore?
I hope to carry the atmosphere the American Bar brings with me to Singapore. I am lucky that Tippling Club’s head bartender, Joe Schofield, used to work with me behind the bar there, so I am sure he has carried a similar aesthetic with him as well.

Iconic drinks to try:
DW Try the Abbey Road for something light, refreshing and vibrant. If you want a pick-me-up, go for the Black Eagle, which contains scotch and cold brew coffee.

Any new creations to recommend?
We are keeping this menu strictly classic. However, if you ask me for something new I might have a drink up my sleeve.

What’s your poison?
Simplicity is the way to my heart. There is this drink called the Alaska and its beauty is in its simplicity. Simply swap out the vermouth for yellow Chartreuse in a dry martini and there you have it—my go-to libation.

The spirit you always use in your drinks:
You would normally catch me drinking spirits from light to dark. Certainly a Martini before dinner and an Old Fashioned after.

Best thing about being a bartender:
I love travelling the world and seeing the best bars, meeting the best people and being able to enjoy life doing the thing I love.

Worst thing:
I never know where to go next!

The drink that reminds you most of home:
Definitely a Bramble. It’s the first drink I made professionally while behind the bar in my first job as an adult.

The person you’d want to create a cocktail for and why:
DW I’d love to make a drink for Anthony Bourdain. He’s someone I look up to; I respect the journey of his career from chef to personality. He travels the world looking for the best food and I want to convince him to cover drinks as well.

Photos by Simon Owen and Rob Lawson


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