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DrinksGet Your Hands on Louis XIII’s Most Precious L'Odyssée d'Un Roi

Get Your Hands on Louis XIII’s Most Precious L'Odyssée d'Un Roi

Get Your Hands on Louis XIII’s Most Precious L'Odyssée d'Un Roi
By Dudi Aureus
July 28, 2016
The cognac-maker releases three unique masterpieces, which will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s for charity.

Since it was established in the late 1870s, Louis XIII de Remy Martin has been part of every milestone in the history of luxury travel. Hence, the cognac maker has unveiled “L'Odyssée d'Un Roi” or “An Ode to Journey” to pay tribute to its rich heritage and its iconic journeys around the world. 

In creating this masterpiece, the cognac maker partnered three of the finest French craftsmen to make this truly a collector’s dream. Hermés designed the coffret using the finest leather, while Puirforcat crafted the white gold pipette, a tool used by cellar masters in the cognac production. As for Saint-Louis, it created the magnificent crystal decanter with an engraved 19th century map, as well four elegant serving glasses with customised design. The bottle holds a special blend of over 1,200 eau de vie created by four generations of cellar masters.

Only three unique objet d’arts have been made, and these will be sold in three separate auctions by Sotheby’s. One will be held in New York this September, while the second bottle will be auctioned off in Hong Kong in October. The last piece will be sold in London in November.

All proceeds will be donated to the Film Foundation, a group started by director Martin Scorsese to preserve the classics and ensure that they will still be seen by future generations.


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