Eat Your Way Around Italy At Osteria Mozza


January 11, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

Explore the different cuisines of the country’s 20 regions in this monthly regional dinner series.

No matter how many times we’ve been Italy, there are still so many new things to discover, especially when it comes to the exquisite food and wine. Now, it’ll be easier for us to explore and taste their gastronomic cuisine without booking a flight, with the launch of Osteria Mozza’s regional dinner series.

Every month, the menu will be tweaked by executive chef Peter Birks and his culinary team to showcase the mouthwatering cuisine of the country’s different regions. This January, it’s Piedmont—the land of the prized white Alba truffle and Barolo wines.

For truffle fans, expect sumptuous dishes such as the tajarin with Alba truffles, crowned with shavings of this earthy ingredient. But there’s so much more this region has to offer (especially meats!)—from the carne cruda, a traditional antipasto made from wagyu beef tartare, agnolotti with Barolo Sugo, a pork and veal ravioli cooked in Barolo wine and dressed with veal sauce, to the braised beef cheeks with celery root, a classic Piedmontese dish where the beef cheeks are slow cooked in Barolo wine and veal stock.

Let’s not forget about desserts. Indulge your sweet tooth with the fig crostata with panna cotta and sabathe version here is as authentic as what you’ll get in Italy.

That’s only the beginning of the gastronomic journey. The next few months will be even more delicious (we didn’t think it was possible either) with dishes from the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany. Make sure you save some stomach space for what’s more to come!

The Piedmont regional dinner series is available until 26th January, from 5pm to 11pm daily. Call 6688 8522 or click here for reservations.