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DigestDumplings To Suit Your Every Fancy

Dumplings To Suit Your Every Fancy

Dumplings To Suit Your Every Fancy
By Dudi Aureus
June 01, 2018
The Dragon Boat Festival is synonymous with celebratory feasting on glutinous rice dumplings. And every year, chefs here treat us to their signature favourites while teasing and enticing our palettes with new creative spins, healthful options, and modern takes on classic flavours. We’re always in for a surprise. If you're not looking to leave anything to chance, here's our quick guide to this year's top picks


Rice dumpling with abalone, sakura ebi and foie gras

Peach Blossoms
Looking to mix it up with something contemporary? Executive Chinese chef Edward Chong foregoes your usual roast, duck or pork for something more uniquely indulgent—this creation is power-packed with chunky abalone and velvety foie gras, and tossed with sakura ebi for a crunchy finish. Available until June 18; an advance order of three days is required.

Call 6845 1118 or email for orders and enquiries.

Brown rice dumpling with salted egg and corn

Hai Tien Lo
Another interesting combination is this study in contrasts, which pairs corn with salted egg for a sweet and salty filling; this is enveloped in a soft and nutritious mixture of brown rice and glutinous rice, that’s steamed to lock in moistness. Available until June 18.

Call 6826 8240 or email for orders and enquiries.

Nasi lemak rice dumpling

Peach Garden
Eating one of these is like eating two of your favourite things at the same time, and the chef manages to pull it off in style. The glutinous rice, which hides a mixture of fried ikan bilis, peanuts, hard-boiled egg, and housemade sambal, is first infused with coconut oil. If you can't get enough of your favourite local flavours, give this one a go. Available until June 18.

Visit for orders.


Red vinasse chicken rice dumpling

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Inspired by the traditional pork rice dumpling, this temptation uses only chicken thigh meat that has been marinated in red vinasse sauce—made by fermenting glutinous rice, red rice yeast, and rice wine—for added kick and complexity. Toss in black-eyed beans, chestnuts, and egg yolk, wrap the mix in bamboo leaves, and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat to share. Available from June 1 to 18; an advance order of three days is required.

Call 6831 4605 or click here for orders and enquiries.

Barbecued smoked char siew rice dumpling

Man Fu Yuan
This creation is going to be a signature favourite for years to come, for sure. It isn’t hard to fall in love with a  combination of Kagoshima pork belly char siew, which has been marinated in rose wine and then barbecued for a smoky and caramelised finish. Paired with glutinous fried rice, it makes for a match made in heaven. Available until June 18.

Call 6825 1062 or email for orders and enquiries.


Five-grain rice dumpling

Cherry Garden
If this sounds and tastes familiar, that’s because it’s a delicious take on the restaurant’s signature five-grain fried rice. These parcels, snugly wrapped in bamboo leaves, are heaving with a flavourful mix of brown rice, glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, sorghum, and millet. Ideal for the health conscious. Available from June 8 to 18.

Call 6885 3500 or email for orders and reservations.

Organic grains, lotus seed & seaweed dumpling

Another nutritious —and no less delicious—option this year comes from Resorts World Sentosa. This creation sees barley, brown rice, and quinoa cooked in kombu stock and mixed with steamed lotus seeds for a delicious mouthful. It’s also rich in protein, fibre, and minerals, so go ahead and indulge responsibly. Available until June 18; an advance order of three days is required.

Call 6577 6688/6599 or email for orders and reservations.


Hong Kong-style rice dumpling

Hua Ting
There are so many reasons why this stands out, every year, and we are not talking about its rectangular pillow shape. What counts is on the inside—a star-studded cast of whole abalone, roasted duck and pork, dried scallops, salted egg yolk, and chestnuts. There’s plenty to share, but if you decide to have it all to yourself, we won’t judge. Available until June 18.

Call 6739 6666 or email for orders and enquiries.

Song Garden signature rice dumpling

Song Garden
It’s become a timeless classic, all right, known for all the luxe ingredients that the chef has crammed into each dumpling. You’ve got 12-head abalone, dried scallops, tender roasted pork belly, salted egg yolk, mushrooms, and lotus seeds coming together in one delicious treat. Available from June 4 to 18.

Call 6521 9299 or email for orders and enquiries.


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