Winning Irish Beef Takes The Spotlight At Bedrock Bar & Grill


August 22, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

The restaurant’s World Meat Series is back with a new star on the menu and it's available for dinner until September.

Just last month in London, John Stone ribeye achieved Gold Medal status at the annual World Steak Challenge, which featured more than 200 participants from all over the world, including purveyors of wagyu, grain fed, grass fed and Galician beef. 

Here in Singapore, fans of this Irish grass fed beef can head down to Bedrock Bar & Grill for a taste. Irish beef from John Stone, dry-aged for 60 days, is the star of the second edition of the restaurant's World Meat Series. Available as part of a special dinner menu for an extended period, diners have until September to savour this winning selection. 

Since its launch last month, executive chef Isaac Tan says the menu has been well-received, with regular and new customers welcoming the opportunity to taste this special well-bred alternative alongside the restaurant's signature Tomahawk steak and grain fed US dry-age beef.

What makes it worth trying? The country is well-known for its lush green fields where the cattle are free to roam around and eat fresh grass and herbs. This healthy lifestyle and diet, Tan explains, result in meats with gorgeous marbling and exquisite flavour. “Each cut is matured using a traditional dry-ageing method John Stone have been doing for three decades. This produces an exceptionally tender meat with wonderful texture and depth of flavour,” he adds.

All the deliciousness are captured in the special menu, which presents the meat in various ways. One example is the aged heart of rump salad, where the intense flavours of the thinly sliced beef are complemented by the zesty green apple and celeriac salad with a dash of single malt whisky dressing.

The beef feather blade appetiser is another must-try. Here, the pinkish, utterly tender meat is used to make a carpaccio, preserving its robust flavours. It is served with arugula leaves, cheese and truffle dressing on the side.

There are three options for the main course: braised short rib ragu; dry-aged rump cap double cheeseburger, and the 60-day aged striploin.

We suggest you go for the last to enjoy the beef in its purest form. Chef Tan lightly seasons it with salt and pepper before he grills it medium rare for that hint of smokiness.

The World Meat Series: A Taste of Ireland is available for dinner from now until September 30. For more information, please visit

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