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Drinks 5 Simple Recipes to Celebrate Martini Day 2021

5 Simple Recipes to Celebrate Martini Day 2021

Quench your thirst with a cocktail on martini day this June 19!
Photo: Pesce Huang/Unsplash
By Lauren Golangco
June 18, 2021
Martini continues to be enjoyed by cocktail connoisseurs around the globe, so brush up on some delicious recipes and celebrate Martini Day on June 19

Though historians and bartenders are still unsure about why it’s called a ‘martini’, the classic cocktail remains a recognisable hallmark of elegance, charm, and sophistication—much like the suave superspy who popularised it. Whether you take them shaken or stirred, martinis come in countless variants and funky flavours to please every palate. Read on to browse five different recipes you can try making at home, to discover your martini-of-choice.... just in time for Martini Day on 19 June 2021!

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1/5 The Classic Gin Martini

The classic gin martini garnished with olives for extra flavour - a great way to celebrate martini day!
Photo: Stanislav Ivanitskiy/ Unsplash

Reach for the top shelf and let the liquor shine with the classic gin martini. Using minimal ingredients (just gin and vermouth), the iconic drink is an absolute breeze to prepare. Play around with the ratios and optional components like bitters and garnishes to make this popular cocktail your own! Get the recipe here

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2/5 The Vodka Martini

A clean vodka martini is a perfect alternative to those who aren't too keen on gin.
Photo: Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash

Not a big fan of gin? The vodka martini may be the one for you! As another simple but elegant member of the martini family, this cocktail puts the smooth, clean profile of quality vodka centre stage, so make sure to use one you really love. Get the recipe here

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3/5 The Vesper Martini

The classic vesper martini embodies 007's suave style.
Photo: Rick Barrett /Unsplash

Featuring both gin and vodka, James Bond’s drink of choice really packs a punch. First described in Chapter 7 of Ian Flemming’s Casino Royale, the vesper martini is made with “three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, [and] half a measure of Kina Lillet” - shaken, not stirred of course. Get the recipe here.

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4/5 The Espresso Martini

Give yourself a delicious caffeine kick with this espresso martini recipe!
Photo: RecipeTin Eats

Calling all coffee addicts! These coffee-loaded espresso martinis, which are a personal favourite, are a great way to kickstart an eventful evening, bestowing you with the energy and liquid courage to dance the night away, all in one delicious glass (okay, maybe a few more). Get the recipe here.

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5/5 The Lychee Martini

Try out a lychee martini for a perfectly sweet twist on an old classic.
Photo: Julia Hartbeck \ The Spruce

Give the cocktail a delicious twist by throwing some lychee into the mix! Also known as a “lycheetini”, this sweeter variety is sure to win over those hesitant about the dryness of the traditional martinis. Elevate your mixology game even further by using homemade lychee syrup and lychee liqueur—but make these ahead of time to draw out the best flavours from this beautiful fruit! Get the recipe here.


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