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Drinks Celebrating International Coffee Day 2019: Here Are The Cafés With The Best Coffee In Singapore

Celebrating International Coffee Day 2019: Here Are The Cafés With The Best Coffee In Singapore

(Image: Taylor Franz/Unsplash)
(Image: Taylor Franz/Unsplash)
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
September 25, 2019
Sip on a good cuppa at cafés like Dapper Coffee, %Arabica and more in honour of the fun occasion that's celebrated in various parts of the world

If there’s anything that could wake us up on a good note in the morning, it would have to be a delicious cup of joe. Just the thought of freshly roasted beans wafting through the air and having a taste of slightly bitter but well-rounded flavours is enough to make us head out to our favourite coffee joints in honour of International Coffee Day, which falls on October 1. Here are some of them:

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1/5 %Arabica

Why? Kyoto’s extremely popular coffee chain—which opened its first local branch in Arab Street this year—was founded by coffee farm owner Kenneth Shoji and award-winning barista Junichi Yamaguchi. The beans are cultivated on the owner’s farm in Hawaii, which are then shipped to Singapore to be roasted daily for superb and well-balanced flavours in every cuppa.

What to order: The iced caffe latte is a robust choice for the right balance of milk and coffee, with an indulgent chocolatey finish. It's a delicious pick-me-up drink, especially in this hot and humid weather.

Tatler tip

Take a peek at how baristas prepare their coffee beans in the small roastery located at the back of the café.

%Arabica | 56 Arab Street, S(199753) | 6291 3887

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2/5 Omotesando Koffee

Why? Another Japanese coffee joint from Tokyo has made its way to our sunny shores, giving us access to its artisanal brews legions of fans have come to love. While they use top-notch beans from Melbourne that are then roasted in Kyoto, the secret lies in their precise brewing methods (done in-house) that accentuate the taste and aroma.

What to order: The iced cappuccino remains a firm favourite amongst fans, not only for its distinct large bubbles on the surface, topped with cocoa powder, but its delicious ensemble of creamy velvety milk and potent coffee beans.

Tatler tip

Don’t like your drink too sweet? Ask the friendly baristas to lessen the sugar.

Omotesando Koffee | 04-01, The Work Project, Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, S(068815) 

3/5 PPP Coffee

Why? The folks behind Chye Seng Huat Hardware have added another name to their brand in a more accessible location at newly-reopened Funan Mall. The extensive offerings range from your usual lattes and espressos to interesting brews made with vintage coffee beans from their special collection; these are stored below 18 degrees, and upon order, are ground frozen for better taste.

What to order: An Asian twist to your favourite drink, the Coconut Colada is an invigorating speciality beverage concocted with coconut milk, gula melaka, cold white brew and torched coconut flakes.

Tatler tip

Try your hand at making your own brew—just like a veteran barista—at the experiential bar furnished with professional coffee equipment to play with. 

PPP Coffee | 02-19 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, S(179095) | 6299 4321

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4/5 Common Man Coffee Roasters

Why? The brunch spot isn’t only popular for its hearty brunches but its delicious coffee offerings as well, made from carefully sourced beans roasted in Singapore and lovingly prepared by baristas who trained in its own CMCR Academy.

What to order: Get that caffeine kick when you order the CMCR espresso blend from Brazil Sumatra and Ethiopia. Its flavour profile is incredibly complex, infused with a light floral and citrusy finish.

Tatler tip

Want to learn how to make your own latte art like a pro? The café offers classes at its CMCR Academy, where you can learn the fundamentals of being a barista as well as pick up latte art skills.

Common Man Coffee Roasters | 01, 22 Martin Road, S(239058) | 6836 4695

5/5 Dapper Coffee

Why? This cosy and hidden spot at Amoy Street has garnered loyal fans for its quirky drinks—including the sparkly blue drink called Unicorn Tears—and sumptuous bakes.

What to order: The Earl Grey Yuan Yang that’s part tea and part coffee, thanks to an invigorating mix of earl grey tea, bergamot milk tea and espresso. Topped with lavender flowers. 

Tatler tip

It’s a great place to park yourself at, whether it's to catch up on good reads or finish some work on your laptop, all while enjoying a delicious cuppa. The café also has good wifi connection and has plenty of power outlets too.

Dapper Coffee | 73A Amoy St, Level 2, S(069892) | 8742 8908



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