A Feast Fit For Tatler Fashion Awards


April 8, 2017 | BY Dudi Aureus

We let you in on the lipsmacking creations served at Singapore Tatler’s signature fashion event.

For any event, we always ensure that our guests have a mighty good time and full bellies. The Tatler Fashion Awards held on April 7 was no different. The theme was Fashion Olympics and Parkroyal on Pickering’s banquet team ensured that the buffet spread would not be relegated to the sidelines. 

“We started working on it this three days in advance,” shares chef de cuisine Chen Wei Chung, who took time to explain what they had planned for the big day. There would be a few palatable surprises, he says, before hurrying back to prepare the night’s lavish feast.

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Chicken schnitzel with sauce gribiche, Asian slaw black sesame bun






Singaporean chilli crab galette



Scallops with truffle mayonnaise and compressed watermelon



Pulled Margret Peking duck



Fashion Olympics-themed desserts


Chef Chen’s team did not disappoint. The night’s spread is sectioned into three stations: hot, cold and dessert. Hors d’oeuvres were served before dinner. Dawn Koh, Fashion Newcomer 2017 awardee loves the chicken schnitzel with Asian slaw and black sesame bun that was presented with a ketchup-filled syringe to “inject” into the patty. “Very delicious!” she exclaims.

That’s not all. There were lobster Vietnamese spring rolls with a thick, gelatinous wrap you could easily pop it into your mouth; chilli crab with extra spicy sauce; and bite-sized rojak cones.

When dinner started, everyone made a beeline for the huge Norwegian salmon slow-baked in rock salt. Shares Susan Peh: “The food is incredible and creative, and I definitely enjoyed the salmon.” Cheryl Cheong agrees, “The salmon is really good!” 

The dessert bar was equipped with a live nitro station. Guests partake of a liquid gold baby of Bailey’s ice cream with honeycomb and nuts, which were concocted upon order.

Throughout the night, the tipples kept flowing—from the crisp Prosecco, to the clear whites and rich reds. Even after the event, guests were reluctant to leave and stayed on to catch up with friends, sharing a glass of Glenfiddich whisky—neat.

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