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Digest Bartender Challenge: Create Cocktails for the F1 Drivers

Bartender Challenge: Create Cocktails for the F1 Drivers

Bartender Challenge: Create Cocktails for the F1 Drivers
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
September 16, 2016
We put bartenders to the test and asked them to concoct original tipples for our favourite drivers. Here’s what they came up with.

A great night out is never complete without a tipple or two. These days, there are no shortage of bars serving up great cocktails, including bespoke creations that can be tailored to your taste preferences.

 Just for the F1 season, we challenged three top mixologists to create a special drink for the F1 drivers based on their personalities (in and out of the race tracks). Here’s what they came up with. 

Sebastian Vettel: The German Count

Photo: The Other Room

Dario Knox, Master Bartender of The Other Room
“I named this Negroni cocktail ‘The German Count’, and it’s inspired by Sebastian Vettel’s heritage and history. As a German Ferrari driver whose first victory was in 2008 at the Italian Grand Prix, I wanted to showcase flavours from both countries in the cocktail.

 Similar to how the Negroni was one of the first cocktails to be invented in Italy, Sebastian Vettel holds numerous Formula One records, such as being the youngest driver to win a race in Gran Premio di Monza. Each ingredient used in the cocktail ties back to both our countries of origin [Knox hails from Italy].

Monkey 47 Gin is from Germany, while Mancino Rosso and Campari are Italian spirits. The Aceto Balsamico di Modena is from Maranello, which is also the province where Ferrari hails from.” 

What You Need:
30ml Monkey 47 Lemon and chamomile finish
30ml Campari
35ml Mancino Rosso Vermouth Blend macerated with Guatemalan coffee beans
10 drops of Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Balsamic vinegar)

1. Fill the mixing glass with ice cubes.
2. Pour the Monkey 47 Gin, Vermouth Blend and the Ampari.
3. Add the Aceto Balsamico drops.
4. Stir until it cools and dilution is at the desired level.
5. Zest lemon essential oils on the surface of the drink. Garnish.

The Bartender: Dario Knox

Photo: Dario Knox / Facebook

The Other Room
Knox is the master bartender of The Other Room, a new bar concept by the Foc Group located in the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. In his playground, he has revived classic cocktails like the Good Old Pal and The Southern New York Sour, but have given them a unique and modern twist.
Before settling in Singapore, the bartender garnered accolades in the following cocktail competitions:2011 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition winner in Spain; 2010 The Bulldog Shake Attack Cocktail Competition; and Sidecar by Merlet Cognac Cocktail Competition winner.

Kimi Räikkönen: Raspberry Royal

Photo: Zafferano

Kumar, Bar Manager of Zafferano 
“This red cocktail is inspired by Kimi’s passion for motorsport and his Ferrari team. The chilled martini represents his cool temperament and take-no-prisoners persona behind the wheel and off the tracks. I garnished it with mint leaves to represent a pair of ‘wings’ and the red fruit to symbolise fire.

 Lastly, I decided to add sparkling wine to the cocktail to congratulate Kimi on his recent marriage in Sienna, Italy. Zafferano and Ferrari are both associated with Italy, which is why I decided to go with Prosecco.”

What You Need:
45ml vodka
30ml raspberry puree
15ml lemon juice
30ml Prosecco/ Champagne (optional)
15ml Cointreau
String one (1) Maraschino cherry, two (2) mint leaves and two (2) raspberries with a cocktail pick.

1. Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add the ice cubes and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
2. Double strain mix into a very chilled martini glass.
3. Pour in Prosecco just before serving.
4. Place the cocktail pick with garnish on top of the martini glass

Tip: To ensure the cocktail stay chilled, store the serving glass in a freezer for a while before pouring the drink.

Bartender: Kumar

Kumar, who joined Zafferano early this year, serves as its bar manager. He has over 20 years of experience in bartending, and brings with him more than a hundred different cocktail recipes he’s created throughout his career. 

When it comes to mixing drinks, he’s a strong believer in balance. “You can use almost all types of fruit to make martinis, but it is about ensuring that the tastes and flavours complement each other.”

Lewis Hamilton: Pit Lane

Photo: Bob's Bar at Capella Singapore

Vincent Zheng, Bartender of Bob's Bar at Capella Singapore
“The main ingredient I used for the cocktail is our signature Navegante Rum from Barbados, stirred with the aromatic aperitif Aperol, and Italian red Vermouth Carpano Antica Formula, which has hints of Mediterranean citrus. It also has as a tinge of sweetness from the watermelon juice—one of Lewis Hamilton’s favourite beverages. 

The cocktail is then served in a satin aluminum can which depicts the fuel barrel used in Formula One and presented alongside a smaller model of Hamiltons F1 car. It is also specially plated on a black porcelain tray, with caricatures of the pit lane and two of his tattoos.

What You Need:
Navegante Barbados Rum, Bob’s Bar bespoke rum
F.lli Barbieri Aperol
Carpano Antica Formula Red Vermouth
Fresh watermelon juice
Watermelon Syrup
Coffee Beans 

1. Mix the Navegante Rum with aromatic aperitif Aperol and Italian red Vermouth Carpano Antica Formula.
2. Add the watermelon juce and syrup.
3. Transfer the mixture from one shaker to another several times, and allow the liquid to mix well together.
4. Filter it three times over coffee beans to give it a chocolate and vanilla finish.

The Bartender: Vincent Zheng

Bob’s Bar at Capella Singapore
Vincent has been bartending at Bob’s Bar, Capella Singapore for three years. He previously worked in different industries such as modeling and marketing, but made the switch to bartending because he was enticed by its creativity and dynamism. 

Vincent is passionate about creating and concocting new cocktails to reward guests with a bespoke and unforgettable experience. In the SG50 “A Toast to the Nation” competition, his cocktail, The Red Island, made it to the final round.



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