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DigestAn Inventive Gastronomic Experience At TWG Tea

An Inventive Gastronomic Experience At TWG Tea

An Inventive Gastronomic Experience At TWG Tea
By Cheryl Ho
June 28, 2017
As part of the Ion Orchard Culinary Creations 2017 programme, TWG Tea Salon and Boutique has concocted more inspired ways to savour its exceptional range of teas.


The Ion Orchard Signature Indulgences event presents some of finest establishments in a specially curated series of dinners held in collaboration with Singapore Tatler.

It also commemorates Ion Orchard’s eighth anniversary alongside a plethora of other scrumptious offerings in the Ion Orchard Culinary Creations 2017 dining programme.

For the featured restaurants, it is an opportunity to showcase signature favourites and new recipes that reflect their philosophy and distinctive cuisine.

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Recognised internationally as one of the world’s finest luxury tea brands, TWG Tea takes the quotidian beverage and exalts it to a celebrated level of connoisseurship. Its whopping list of 800 teas comprises exceptional harvests for the purist, as well as hand-crafted tea blends melding a dizzying melange of flowers, spices and fruits that constantly challenge tastebuds and perceptions. 

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For TWG, tea mixology is the art of utilising tea to concoct unique beverages by blending, infusing or powdering tea leaves into cocktails or mocktails. Introducing a whole new world of libations to both tea and cocktail lovers, its team of tea connoisseurs are constantly innovating and exploring new concepts for tea-infused tipples. 

Blended, infused, powdered, smoked, marinated, blanched, confit, seasoned or even pickled—these are just some of the many ways TWG Tea single-estate harvests and exclusive tea blends have been integrated into their sweet and savoury culinary creations. Using only the best natural ingredients, they hope to invigorate the Singapore epicurean landscape with flavour combinations that tantalise the palate.

Tea is woven into every aspect of the meal, so that it artfully enhances each dish. This focus on tea gastronomy and mixology means consumers are offered refined dishes, paired with an interesting selection of cocktails incorporating teas from the extensive collection.

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Developed expressly for Signature Indulgences, TWG Tea sumptuous new four-course menu, tea pairings and aperitifs are steeped in Asian and French influences. Setting the meal in motion on a decadent note, the Prestige Cocktail is an exuberant sparkling white wine cocktail infused with Pink Flamingo Tea. Evoking summer scenes of poolside parties with whimsical inflatables, this blend of green tea with crimson hibiscus blossoms has a rose-coloured hue and tart, fruity overtones that are perfect for our tropical climate.

Chicken-lemongrass soup

The meal begins with a hearty chicken-lemongrass soup. Smooth and creamy, this simple dish is given complexity with the inclusion of Poetic Star Tea—a distinguished composition of blue tea and black tea married with the subtle fragrance of jasmine—and refreshing notes of lemongrass.

Salad of tiger prawns

For starters, we have the salad of tiger prawns: pan-seared and accompanied with coleslaw in a spicy oriental dressing and a garden salad served with strawberries, mango and grapefruit in a Strawberry Tea-infused vinaigrette. This is paired with the Phuguri FTGFOP1, an exclusive first flush harvest that is among the most fragrant and robust of Darjeeling teas. The finely rolled, olive-green leaves from the Phuguri estate glimmer with silver tips, and boast an enticing aroma of summer fruits, and a lingering aftertaste of hazelnuts.

Also included in the menu is a dish of Norwegian salmon with Matcha beurre blanc

Pan-roasted with Gyokuro Samurai, a verdant green tea, the stingray grenobloise is dressed with fresh lemon, capers, bread croutons, steamed baby potatoes and a hazelnut-lemon meuniere sauce. It is served alongside a piquant cup of Secret of Siam Tea containing an exquisite blend of blue tea, green tea and a secret spice mix.

Tarte tartin

Then it’s on to everyone’s favourite course. Dessert is tarte tartin, a delectable upside-down tart of stewed apples with a scoop of homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream and an unctuous caramel coulis.

If you’re looking for an elegant experience that will expand your understanding of tea and the myriad ways it can be put to good use, TWG Tea’s menu might just give you a couple of ideas for that next tin of tea leaves you take home with you.

This year also marks Ion Orchard’s eighth anniversary and a delectable array of delightful deals await diners. As part of the Ion Orchard Culinary Creations festivities from June 9 to July 31, diners can savour 1-for-1 Holideals, via the  Ion Orchard Mobile App, from several well-loved restaurants. What’s more, Ion Orchard is offering eight continuous months of free lunchtime parking from Mondays through Thursdays (noon to 1pm, excluding public holidays) from March 17 to October 29. Shoppers can also redeem complimentary refreshments at The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. and shopping vouchers, which are part of the Ion Orchard 8th Anniversary Spending Rewards. Visit for details.


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