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Digest 8 Celebrity Chefs to Follow on Instagram

8 Celebrity Chefs to Follow on Instagram

8 Celebrity Chefs to Follow on Instagram
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
April 04, 2016
Whether you’re looking for food inspiration or you just want to browse sumptuous dishes, here are the best accounts to follow.

With the popularity of photo sharing apps like Instagram, everyone seems to have a knack for photography. Yes, it includes the chefs who not only whip up delicious meals but also shoot and share their appetising food snaps. But we have to admit that some chefs are natural pros with their phones. Here are eight of them. 

 Gordon Ramsay


We all know him as the potty-mouthed Scottish chef who never runs out of creative insults on TV. But in reality, Gordon Ramsay has a softer side, where he shares everything from his travels around the world, sumptuous dishes at his restaurants and bonding time with the family.

Photo credit: @gordongram

 Wolfgang Puck


At 66, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck shows no signs of slowing down. He has established restaurants around the world, hosted the Governor’s Ball for the 22nd year and has most recently setup an online cooking school. When he’s not plating up some of the prettiest dishes around, you’ll find him hanging with celebrity friends, like Leonardo di Caprio and Ellen De Generes.

Photo credit: @chefwolfgangpuck

 Janice Wong



If there’s another thing pastry chef Janice Wong can do really well — besides whipping up sumptuous desserts, of course — it’s capturing drool-worthy food porn. We love the vibrantly red strawberry consommé exclusively created for her Japan outlet as well as the scampi ravioli, which looks more like a painting than food to be consumed.  As she constantly travels out of Singapore, you’ll also see a glimpse of her globetrotting lifestyle.

Photo credit: @janicewong2am

 Jamie Oliver


You can’t help but feel hungry when you browse Jamie Oliver’s photos. The celebrity chef who made a name for himself showing the world how easy cooking can be, continues to share tips and recipes for his 15-minute meals. As an advocate of healthy eating, Oliver also shares important news about this worthy cause.

Photo credit: @jamieoliver

 Julien Royer


What’s cooking at Odette? Chef-owner Julien Royer gives you a preview on his account, with fresh produce like the huge madara fish he proudly shows off, or his kitchen team hard at work. There’s also no shortage of appetising dishes, which not only make us double tap the photo, but jump up from wherever we are to visit Odette now.

Photo credit: @chef_julien

 Ina Garten


Chef Ina Garten has already let us in her home with her cooking show, Barefoot Contessa. With her account, she welcomes us to her kitchen with photos of her freshly-baked cakes, pies and desserts. She also never misses out on sharing travel photos with her husband; and it just makes us scroll down her feed to check out if we can pick up any tips on the best eateries to visit.

Photo credit: @inagarten

 Mario Batali


If you think chef Mario Batali looks like a fun guy, wait till you check his Instagram feed for photos of his latest adventures — from fishing in Nicaragua to a relaxing day at the beach. In between, he feeds our eyes with snaps of his delicious Italian food and fine wine.

Photo credit: @mariobatali

 Sam Aisbett


The recent opening of Whitegrass has cemented Sam Aisbett’s top chef status in Singapore. The wait list to dine here is so long, you’ll have to plan way ahead, up to two months, to score seats at this madly popular restaurant located at Chijmes. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for a sneak peek of his appetising signatures and new creations.

Photo credit: @sam_aisbett




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