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Digest 5 Reasons to Visit Oshino, the Latest Sushi-Ya Under the Shinji Kanesaka Group

5 Reasons to Visit Oshino, the Latest Sushi-Ya Under the Shinji Kanesaka Group

5 Reasons to Visit Oshino, the Latest Sushi-Ya Under the Shinji Kanesaka Group
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
June 24, 2020
Fresh from his decade-long tenure at Shinji by Kanesaka, chef Koichiro Oshino presents his style of Edomae sushi at a new namesake restaurant at Raffles Singapore

Sushi lovers rejoiced when lauded Japanese chef Koichiro Oshino opened his own restaurant at Raffles Singapore early this year. However, after a few months of operation, it had to temporarily stop its dine-in services due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that we've entered phase two, dining out in small groups (maximum of five) is allowed and Oshino is all set to welcome diners back with his omakase menus that showcase the freshest ingredients. Here are five reasons why you should book your seats now. 

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1/5 Award-winning Chef

After a decade at the helm of the Shinji by Kanesaka restaurants at Carlton Hotel and The St Regis Singapore, award-winning sushi chef Koichiro Oshino has opened his eponymous sushi‑ya at Raffles Singapore. Joni Ong, managing director of the Kanesaka Sushi group, which operates Shinji and Oshino, credits the chef for retaining a Michelin star for both the Shinji outlets for four consecutive years. “I want to show our appreciation to Oshino for his commitment and loyalty. Having him as co-owner of the restaurant is an encouragement and motivation for our other chefs,” she says.

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2/5 Traditional Offerings

Like its sister establishments, Oshino focuses on Edomae or Edo-style sushi where the fish is marinated and preserved for a few days before it is served. “Truly authentic Edomae sushi is defined by distinctive elements from the methods of preparation to the type of ingredients used,” affirms Oshino. His edible works of art are guided by Japanese washoku cooking, which captures the essence of nature’s seasons and their bountiful harvest on a plate.

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3/5 Omakase Menu

The omakase menu is designed by Oshino based on seasonal offerings and the diner’s preferences. He uses a special type of rice, or shari, sourced from his hometown of Yamagata, perfumed by his own concoction of Japanese red vinegar, which boasts punchier flavours that elevate fresh, seasonal produce—be it milt, tuna belly or sea urchin. “Instead of the typical way of serving sushi only after the other courses, I intersperse it with sashimi and cooked dishes so diners get to enjoy more sushi in the omakase menu,” explains Oshino.

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4/5 Minimalist Design

“The restaurant’s subtle design is a deliberate complement to the food, which occupies the spotlight and draws our attention,” says Japanese design great, Junzo Irikado. The walls and ceiling of the nine-seater space are adorned with black bamboo, while handwoven details frame the sushi counter. This centrepiece is crafted from a 2,500-year-old lignitised Japanese cedar tree buried in BC466 and carefully harvested from the volcanic remnants of Mount Chokai in Yamagata.

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5/5 Sweet Finale

As a reflection of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) and a unique way of showing appreciation to guests, the dining experience at Oshino culminates in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony led by Motoko, the chef’s wife and okami-san, or mistress of the house. She performs a mesmerising ancient ritual of serving green tea in front of guests, after which the matcha drink is served in beautiful pottery alongside wasanbon treats for a sweet ending. Ong hopes that with this touch of tradition, the team can share more of the beautiful Japanese culture that imbues a sense of wonderment.

Oshino | 01-11 Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188719 | 9012 3938 | Book here

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