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Digest 5 Reasons To Check Out 28Wilkie Now

5 Reasons To Check Out 28Wilkie Now

5 Reasons To Check Out 28Wilkie Now
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 12, 2017
The Italian restaurant lures gourmands with its caviar bar, but its lip-smacking Italian dishes and filet mignon catch our attention, too.

Since it opened, 28Wilkie has been on the gourmands' lips for its interesting offerings—caviar bar included! We check it out to find out what makes it worth the splurge and the sumptuous dishes you have to try.

White Elegance

Modern Chic
28Wilkie is bright and spacious, without the air of fine dining stuffiness. The roomy entranceway that leads to the bar area stocked with exclusive vodkas and beers exudes a homey feel thanks to its open-concept, big French windows, soft lighting and plush chairs. Smartly dressed waitstaff greet you as you walk into the main dining room, where the interiors are kept simple with a white and brown palette, accentuating the display of Italy’s finest wines.

Pride of Place

Ocean Gems 
Singapore’s first caviar bar offers four kinds of sturgeon eggs, from the briny and nutty Siberian variety to the prized Kaluga, which has a distinct saltiness of the sea. A hybrid varietal of two sturgeon species, which is creamier with a clean finish, is also available. While caviar is usually enjoyed with blinis and sour cream, owner and caviar expert Benjamin Goh recommends placing a dollop on the triangle of your fist (to warm it), before popping it into your mouth for an explosion of flavours.

Cream of the Crop

Carb Overload
You can’t go to an Italian restaurant without trying the pasta, and the highlight here is the capellini. Chef Kenny Huang cooks the angel hair strands al dente before tossing them in a rich, creamy, but not cloying, white sauce studded with mentaiko, nori and clams.

Chew on This

Seafood Galore
“Balance is important,” says Goh, and he works with chef Huang to achieve this in every dish. The il polpo or octopus tentacles, which is cooked sous vide for two hours before it’s slightly charred to get that desired crunch, is a prime example. It’s served with burrata cheese, squid ink crackers and basil oil for additional sweetness, creaminess and tanginess. Everything complements one another, resulting in a well‑rounded dish.

Meaty Matters

Prized Wagyu
Exclusive to the restaurant is the Joshu filet mignon from Japan’s Gunma prefecture. Taken only from the female cow, it’s aged for 26 months to achieve a soft texture and decadent flavours. Chef Huang rests the meat first to let the butter on top melt, before cooking it over charcoal and cinnamon sticks. Enjoy it with salt and pepper or rub it with rosemary-infused oil and brunello wine reduction. Either way, you’ll be thinking about the steak long after the meal is over. 

 28Wilkie | 01-01, 28 Wilkie Road | 9776 2828


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