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Digest The Best Peking Ducks in Singapore

The Best Peking Ducks in Singapore

The Best Peking Ducks in Singapore
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
April 14, 2016
Arguably the most popular dish in Chinese restaurants, local chefs have come up with inspired takes on this traditional favourite

This story was updated on July 3, 2020

The epitome of any Chinese feast is one with a Peking duck served in the middle of the dining table. A treat for the whole family, it’s always enjoyed for its skin that crackles on every bite and the tender meat that overwhelms the palate in a good way. Even better is when you dab a bit of sugar on the skin; add hoisin sauce, sliced cucumbers and scallions before you wrap it with a thin crepe. Bite into it and you’ll easily understand why this dish was served to Chinese emperors in the past. Here are some of the best restaurants serving this dish.

1/6 Mott 32 Singapore

The opening of this popular Chinese restaurants at Marina Bay Sands means we don’t need to travel to Hong Kong for a taste of its apple wood‑roasted Peking duck “Signature Mott 32 Cut”. It’s a cult favourite for good reason: the 42-day duck is stored in a custom-made fridge that mimics Beijing’s cooler climate, and this ensures the fat layer under the skin develops a melt-in-the-mouth consistency when it's roasted for 24 hours over applewood. This cooking method also results in a crispy skin and moist, tasty meat.

Mott 32 Singapore | B1-42-44, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands | 6688 9922 |

2/6 Jiang Nan-Chun

While there are so many reasons to visit the renowned Chinese restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel—the glamorous interiors, attentive service, sumptuous food and fine wines—we narrow it down for you with one special dish: Roast duck.

Known as one of its signatures, the chef takes up to 14 hours to prep this dish before it’s roasted in a customised mesquite oven. The result? A golden brown duck that’s bursting with flavours from the skin to the meat. It’s served with two types of wraps (plain and flavoured) together with usual homemade sauces, cucumber, sugar. For a modern spin, it also comes with premium caviar.

Jiang-Nan Chun

Restaurant, $$$, Chinese, Orchard

3/6  Min Jiang at One North

What would make us travel all the way to One North? Five words: legendary wood-fired Beijing duck at Min Jiang. It has earned a reputation as one of the best ducks for a good reason. It’s prepared by the Chinese chefs using an ancient recipe that has remained a secret until today. 

Served with eight different condiments, the chef skillfully scarves the meat in front of your eyes. Just looking at the tender meat with thin and crispy skin is enough to make your mouth water. And when it’s served with the wrap and other ingredients, it’s just heaven on the palate.

Min Jiang at One-North

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Other Areas

4/6 Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

When a restaurant has the words “imperial” and “treasure” attached to its name, you’ll expect great things from its dishes. Fortunately, the kitchen team delivers especially with its menu and the signature item—super Peking duck.

Prepared by Chinese chefs in the traditional method, the duck undergoes hours of preparation (hence, orders should be made three days in advance) before it’s cooked in a wood-fired oven using lychee wood. The special way it’s roasted gives the meat a smoky flavour with just a hint of lychee. Of course, our favourite is still the skin which remains as crispy as ever.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Cantonese, Orchard

5/6  TungLok XiHé Peking Duck

The restaurant is a collaboration between Tunglok Group and Beijing’s XiHé Group, which is famous for its Peking duck.  Therefore, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the star of the show here is the Peking duck.

The chefs only use top-shelf London duck from Ireland's famed Silver Hill Farm. The poultry is prepared and cured for three days before it's slowly roasted to ensure the beautiful flavours are in every bite. Served with the special eight-treasure condiments platter. 

TungLok Xihe Peking Duck

Restaurant, $, Chinese, Orchard

6/6  Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Located in the heart of Orchard, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is the restaurant to visit when you suddenly crave for Peking duck after shopping. The kitchen team makes sure it’s worth the trip by offering you a version that uses premium Irish London duck and stays true to the traditional way it is cooked.

Prepared by the Cantonese master chefs, they begin the preparation of flavouring and hanging the duck to dry days in advance. When it’s ready, they roast it in a special oven until it achieves that oh-so-crisp skin and succulent meat. Like all Peking ducks, it’s served with traditional Chinese crepe and usual accompaniments to complete the meal. 

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant, $$, Chinese, Orchard


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