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Digest 4 Thai Recipes to Cook This Weekend

4 Thai Recipes to Cook This Weekend

4 Thai Recipes to Cook This Weekend
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 11, 2016
To prepare your palate for some Thai spice for the upcoming Epicurean Journeys, here are four recipes to prepare for the family.

It’s only a few more weeks before The Epicurean Journeys Pop-up Chef Dining Series by Starwood’s Luxury Collection Hotels brings to Singapore five of its best chefs. They will be cooking up a storm at The Fullerton Waterboat House from 30 May to 3 June and will be presenting five distinct cuisines — Greek, Austrian, Italian, Indian and Thai.

If you love Thai as much as we do and can’t wait for executive sous chef Manachai Konkangplu’s six-course dinner menu, you can satiate your palate with these four recipes you can easily cook at home.   

Yam Som O Goong

(Thai Pomelo and Prawn Salad)

30g palm sugar
15g white sugar
15ml tamarind juice
45g roasted curry paste (nam prik pao)

Pomelo Salad
12 Tiger prawns (poached, peeled and deveined)
120g roasted curry dressing
200g Thai pomelo (peeled and flaked into small pieces)
25g dried-fried shallots
20g roasted coconut powder
50g cashew nuts (roasted and cracked)

5g Fresh kaffir lime leaves, julienned
20g Dried fried shallots
4 dried red chilis (fried)
4 slices of pumpkin (carved into a leaf)
4 leaves of fresh cha-phlu (betel leaves)
2g fresh coriander (small leaves only)

1. Place all ingredients of roasted curry dressing in a bowl; mix well and adjust seasoning. Set aside.
2. Place all ingredients of the pomelo salad — including the poached prawns — in a bowl. Mix well and adjust seasoning based on desired taste.
3. In a shallow dish, place the pomelo salad and roasted curry dressing. Top it with three prawns and cha-plu (betel leaves).
4. Garnish with kaffir lime leaves, crispy fried shallots, dried red chili, carved pumpkin leaves and fresh coriander. Serve immediately.

Crepe Bai Toey

(Pandan Pancake Filled with Coconut and Mango Ice Cream)

Crepe Mixture
180g Wheat flour
320ml Milk
30g Butter (Melted)
30g White Sugar
4 pcs Eggs
65g Pandan juice
25g Butter (For Cooking the Crepe)

Crepe Filling
3g Shredded coconut
3g Palm sugar
2g Salt (or to taste)

Serve with
Mango ice cream
Peeled mangoes (diced)
Pandan leaves (cut into strips)

Crepe mixture
1. Place sugar, eggs, milk and pandan juice into a bowl and mix well.
2. Gradually add wheat flour to the mixture and combine until you get a smooth texture.
3. Add melted butter and continue mixing batter.
4. Cover the crepe mixture with cling wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Crepe filling
1. Put palm sugar into a sauce pan and dissolve over low heat.
2. Once it has melted, add shredded coconut and salt. Continue heating over medium heat and remove when batter has reached smooth texture.
3. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

How to assemble the dish
1. Heat a medium-sized non-stick pan over low-medium heat and brush with a small amount of butter.
2. Divide crepe mixture into six equal-sized portions.
3. Pour one portion of crepe mixture into pan and swirl until it covers base of pan.
4. Cook crepe for one minute, or until crepe is slightly moist on top and golden brown underneath. Once this is done, flip crepe and cook the other side for another minute. Repeat until all crepes are cooked.
5. Cut each crepe into three even triangle pieces and place equal amount of coconut filling into the center. Roll up into cone shapes.
6. Place three filled pandan crepe cones onto a plate and serve with mango ice cream, fresh diced mango and pandan leaves.

Som Tam Goong Yang

(Green papaya salad)

1 cup green papaya, peeled and shredded
1/4 cup ground dried shrimp
1 dried chilli, soaked in water and drained
7 peppercorns
6 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup finely shredded lime rind
3 tbsp palm sugar
3 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp tamarind juice
Fresh vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage, beans, etc.
Red and green chillies, for garnish,

1. Pound papaya lightly in a mortar, remove and set aside.
2. Pound garlic, dried chilli and peppercorns thoroughly. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
3. Mix tamarind juice, fish sauce and sugar; bring to a boil over low medium heat. Remove from heat and allow to cook.
4. Add lime juice to tamarind mixture before combining with garlic-chilli mixture. Stir well and set aside as the dressing.
5. Add papaya, dried shrimp and lime rind in the mixing bowl and toss well. Arrange on a bed of Chinese cabbage. Garnish with red and green hot chillies before serving with fresh vegetables and grilled river prawns.

 Kaeng Karee Pla Hima

(Snow Fish in Mild Yellow Curry)

300g Snow fish
70g Karee curry paste (yellow curry paste)
2 cups Coconut milk
100g Large onions (diced)
50g Yellow capsicums
20g Shallots chopped and fried
1 tsp Salt
3 tbsp Soy sauce

1. Fry yellow curry paste in coconut milk cream. Add snow fish into the coconut milk and season with soy sauce and salt.
2. Add vegetables to the curry, and cook for another 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Top with shallots and serve.

 The Epicurean Journeys Chef Pop-up Dining Series runs from 30 May to 3 June at the Fullerton Waterboat House. For enquiries and reservations, please visit 




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