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Digest 11 Interesting Mooncake Flavours to Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

11 Interesting Mooncake Flavours to Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

11 Interesting Mooncake Flavours to Try This Mid-Autumn Festival
By Dudi Aureus
August 22, 2016
Chefs from around the island flex their creative muscles to come up with these wonderfully unique creations.

The best part of the Mid-Autumn Festival has to be sampling the many unique mooncake flavours available in the market. From the traditional baked mooncakes, to the unique—and sometimes wacky—snowskin varieties, these are the ones we are craving for this season.

Heaven on Earth

Jiang-Nan Chun, Four Seasons Hotel
This limited edition flavour is truly a masterpiece by the Chinese chefs at Jiang-Nan Chun. Each little piece is a vibrant cerulean blue, which is the restaurant’s signature colour, and comes with dainty bird motifs on each box. The snowskin is infused with the exclusive “Heaven on Earth” cocktail, giving it a light and refreshing flavour with a slight kick.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6831 7220 or email

Tangerine Lemon with Matcha Red Bean Paste

Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Combining sweet and citrus flavours, this mooncake is inspired by the Japanese dessert, matcha zenzai, but it’s mixed with tangerine lemon for a refreshing contrast. Making it even harder to resist, it’s wrapped in an appealing pastel red, velvety snowskin.

For orders and enquiries, please call The Fullerton Cake Boutique at 6877 8943 / 8178, email or visit the online store at

Handmade Miniature Mooncake with Salted Egg Yolk Custard

Da Paolo Gastronomia
The salted egg yolk fad shows no signs of slowing; the folks at Da Paolo Gastronomia have even created a mooncake flavour inspired by it. With a rich egg yolk custard filling cooked with fresh eggs, milk and sugar, it’s encased in a silky soft and white skin handmade with rice flour and decorated with the “Shou” (longevity) symbol.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6479 6522, email or visit

Gin Pineapple Snowskin Mooncake

Goodwood Park Hotel
Guaranteed to make a lasting impression is Goodwood Park Hotel’s new flavour, a gin pineapple snowskin mooncake. The snowskin is reminiscent of a tropical cocktail with its filling of pineapple bits infused with a generous amount of gin. Sweet, refreshing, and not too heavy, it’s the perfect after-meal treat.

For orders and enquiries, please call Mooncake Call Centre at 6730 1867 / 68 from 9am to 7pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 9am to 1pm (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) or email the order form (available at the hotel or at to Alternatively, place the order at or visit the Deli from 9am to 9pm

Matcha, Azuki Bean, Sake Truffle

Shop at mezza9, Grand Hyatt
The Mid-Autumn Festival may be rooted in Chinese tradition, but that didn’t stop the Chinese chefs at Grand Hyatt come up with a Japanese-inspired creation. This snowskin variety has a generous filling of matcha-infused lotus paste mixed with azuki beans, and topped with a sake truffle.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6887 5492 (between 11am to 10.30pm) or visit Mooncakes are also available for purchase at the Shop at mezza9 and at the lobby shop located on the hotel’s ground level

Signature American Cheesecake

Hilton Singapore
Hilton Singapore’s legendary cheesecake gets a makeover this Mid-Autumn Festival! Made using 100 percent Philadelphia cream cheese, and enveloped in an utterly smooth snowskin, this mooncake is so addictive that you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself finishing it at one go.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6730 3392 or email You can also purchase it at the D9 Cakery located at the Lobby

Raspberry Ganache Snowskin

Joël Robuchon, Resorts World Sentosa
Trust the chefs at Joël Robuchon to always come up with the most innovative flavours.This year, you can look forward to three new snowskin offerings, but what caught our attention was the raspberry ganache snowskin mooncake. It has a creamy filling mixed with fresh raspberry purée, and is encased in a soft,white lotus skin.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6577 7888 or email

Pomegranate Truffle with Red Bean Chendol Paste

Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore
This mooncake from Yan Ting delights the palate with its citrusy pomegranate that’s nicely complemented by the sweet red bean chendol paste. Every bite reveals a burst of flavours.

For orders and enquries, please call 6341 9643, email or visit

Mixed Nuts Mooncake

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers
Li Bai’s master chef, Chung Yiu Ming and his team have created another irresistible baked variety for the upcoming festival. It may sound like your usual traditional mooncake with nuts added, but it’s actually also packed with premium Japanese scallops, and flavoured with the restaurant’s signature X.O. sauce. Perfect for those who prefer savoury flavours to sweet!

For orders and enquiries, please call 6839 5623 or email


Photo: TWG Tea

This new addition is truly a jewel in TWG Tea’s mooncake offerings this year. The baked crust is chocolate-flavoured and encases the Paris-Singapore tea, infused with white lotus paste and Amarena cherries. Cut through to the middle, and you’ll find a luxurious, gooey dark chocolate centre.

For orders and enquiries, please visit the TWG Tea stores or visit

White Chocolate Passion Fruit with Mango

Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel
This flavour, from the restaurant’s newly introduced Honey Collection, is the brainchild of area pastry chef Hervé Potus, the man who’s also behind the decadent pastries at Shangri-La. It consists of a delicate chocolate shell that contains the creamy filling and luscious honey centre.

For orders and enquiries, please call please call6213 4398/4473 or email



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