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Olivia Low and Vivian Ng of Our Fairytale Wedding

Olivia Low and Vivian Ng, the duo behind Our Fairytale Wedding, have been planning weddings and parties since 2013. What they love about their work is the heart-warming stories they come across, which inspire their spectacular celebrations. Among their most memorable recent projects is a wedding built around a couple’s London love story, where a red trolleybus (inspired by London’s own icon) was transformed into the bridal car.

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We ask the wedding experts the best way to go about planning for your big day.

 How can I minimise wastage at my wedding?
There are many ways to do this, but we will share three. 

First, reuse your decorations wherever possible. If you are holding a full-day wedding celebration, reuse some of the decoration from your day celebration at your evening reception. For example, church pew flowers can be used as table centrepieces at your lunch buffet, or the floral wreath that was used to decorate your wedding car can be used as decor for your bridal chairs.

Next, do your bit to counter Singapore’s growing food waste problem. Very often, at a typical nine-course Chinese banquet, guests are too full to stomach any more food after the sixth course. So, don’t worry about appearing less-than-generous by reducing the number of courses at your reception in order to cut wastage. Most guests will appreciate quality over quantity.

Finally, recycling items can be an innovative way to give your wedding a personal touch. For example, you could convert unwanted bottles and tin cans into vases for your reception or cocktail tables.

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What is the biggest barrier to planning an eco-friendly wedding?
When it comes to reusing your wedding decorations, the turnaround time required to take down the decorations from an earlier ceremony and transporting them to the next event location poses a challenge.

You will also need to factor the time taken to touch up and amend the earlier set-up in order to create a new look. All this requires a team that works quickly and has sound knowledge of transporting decorations the correct way so as to avoid damaging them in the process.

What is the best way to dispose flowers from my celebration?

The most fuss-free way is to ask your guests to bring them home. Alternatively, consider incorporating into the wedding table decoration fruits, such as apples and lemons, which guests can bring home and consume. You can also send the flowers to places where the sick, old and underprivileged reside, such as hospitals, old folks’ homes, orphanages and hospitals, where they can bring colour and cheer. A social enterprise called Reblossom can assist with this.(

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