Thirty years in the watch industry deserves some sort of celebration. After all, building a brand ground zero to a credible force is never easy. And Chanel deserves credit for its determination, creativity and foresight in building the watch arm of its business.

Among the many splendid creations it rolled out at BaselWorld 2017, the Mademoiselle J12 stood out for two reasons. One, it's the J12, arguably the watch that placed Chanel into the history books of modern watchmaking. And two, the House's founder Gabrielle Chanel—or rather a caricature of her—features prominently on the dial of the watch. And if you think the Gabrielle Chanel picture is nothing but aesthetic, think again. The hands of Gabrielle actually serve as the hour and minute hands of the watch.

And to launch the Mademoiselle J12—both the black and white versions are only limited to 555 pieces worldwide — Chanel launches a whimsical video, one that will put a smile on your face this Monday. Trust us.

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