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Given his predilection for going against the grain, Franck Muller founded his eponymous watchmaking house on the basis of innovation. Creating timepieces that have never before existed was the ethos of Franck Muller and what drives the man behind the brand.

Every timepiece made proffered something completely new to the industry, whether it was a new complication, a new interpretation of an existing complication, an improvement to a complication, or even a novel approach to design. In short, Franck Muller is all about innovation, and innovation to Franck Muller can be found on the inside as well as the outside of a watch.

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The Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon features a tourbillon that has a diameter of 20mm 

 Where tourbillons are concerned, Franck Muller makes them like no other watchmaking independent. Multiple axis tourbillons, oversized tourbillons, miniature tourbillons, and super fast tourbillons are but some key renditions of this all-time favourite high watchmaking feature.

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Golfers need not remove their watch before teeing off if they have the Franck Muller Backswing, which has been
constructed to absorb any shock vibrations. Plus, it's a helluva good looker as well! 

 Not just on complications but the house has also gone the extra mile with useful functions as found in timepieces like Backswing. This timepiece assists the wearer on the green as it helps to count the number of swings he has made on each course. Such timepieces go back to one of the founding principles of Franck Muller, which is to customise the watch to the lifestyle of the wearer.

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