There's nothing like a full bouquet of flowers to say 'I love you, mum' on Mother's Day, but instead of traditional carnations (or indeed any other ephemeral bloom), why not get her something that will last a little longer? We've listed five of our favoured floral jewellery finds down below—just in case you need some ideas.

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Flower BowerBulgari-GiardiniItaliani-necklace-pinkgold-fancysapphires.jpg

Leave it to Bulgari to come up with a stunningly vibrant floral arrangement. This necklace from their Giardini Italiani collection is inspired by the blossoming majesty of Italian gardens in the deep of spring. Sapphire petals in varying shades are set in pink gold against a bed of brilliant white diamonds. Your garden can't get much more manicured than this.

Magic of Spring

Cartier Mandragore earrings, white gold, tsavorite garnets, diamonds.jpg

The Mandragore flower blooms in beautiful abundance along the Mediterranean, but this isn't a flower you'll ever want to gift to your mum in fresh form - it's also known as the Mandrake, and has hallucinogenic properties that would make mother's day a little awkward. We much prefer this iteration of the Mandragore, crafted by Cartier out of white gold, diamonds, and green tsavorite garnets. It's from their Magicien collection (apt, since the Mandragore has long been used in magical rituals), and is 100 percent free of hallucinogens.

Fit for a Queen

chaumet_hortensia_bracelet.jpgIf you ever wanted to let your mum know that she was the queen of your heart, then this is the gift to do it. This Hortensia bracelet from Chaumet's Les Jardins collection is inspired by the gardens beloved by Empress Josephine, also known as Napoleon's wife and the Empress of the French Empire. Hydrangeas (known as Hortensias in French) were Josephine's favourite flower, and legend has it that she named them after her daughter, Hortense de Beauharnais, who was then the Queen of the Netherlands. Talk about a mother-daughter bond.

Fairy Flowers

Alright, so we cheated a little. This brooch from Van Cleef & Arpels isn't quite a small bouquet of bejewelled flowers as much as a  huge gold-wrought forest, but we think the whimsical design makes up for it. This brooch stems from the Peau d'Ane collection, modelled after the fairy tale of the same name. It tells of a beautiful princess who must flee her castle and through an enchanted forest. It ends, of course, happily ever after. How could it not, having involved a forest made of white and yellow gold, white and yellow diamonds, emeralds, and pink and purple sapphires?

 Coco's Corsage

chanel-bouton-de-camellia-bague.jpegThe camellia was Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's favourite flower. As the story goes, she fell in love with the bloom when she read Alexandre Dumas' La Dame aux Camelias (or The Lady of the Camellias), where the heroine always wore a white or red camellia. As a result of her favouritism, the flower has become a recurring motif of the house of Chanel today. Wearing fresh flowers in today's context is neither practical nor fashionable—at least, not in the way this Chanel Bouton de Camellia ring is.

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