It was a tedious task that took nearly six months to complete. But with the help of an influential group of industry experts and leaders, we were able to cull a list of 50 talented individuals aged 40 and under that makes up our second edition of the Generation T list.

We call our judging panel the Tatler Tribe, with which we pondered and discussed names, and analysed each and every talent's successes and achievements. Lists were made, then scrapped. Talent was scrutinised. Debates were ignited. Eventually, we chose and agreed on the names of our final 50. 

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If this year's list is exceedingly strong and filled with remarkable individuals—some of whom you might not have been familiar with before—it is mostly because of our Tatler Tribe members. With their objective, constructive and thought-provoking feedback, they have contributed to building an important community of young talents with great potential to be the next generation of leaders. 

Here's a closer look at the panelists:

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She is the CEO of DP Architects—Singapore’s largest architecture firm (and the 12th largest in the world) with 17 global offices—and her list of professional honours includes two prestigious President’s Design Awards. But at the core of it all, Angelene Chan is most enthusiastic about new initiatives that hone the talents of DP Architects’ people, whom she believes are “the firm’s most important asset”.

Angelene is on the 2016 Tatler 300 list.

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His last name is synonymous with meats of the finest quality here in Singapore. But Andre Huber’s family business Huber’s Butchery, where he is executive director, does more than just that, as one can see from its two-storey 13,000sqft gourmet food wonderland and bistro in Dempsey. Andre is determined to change up the food scene in Singapore: “I am driven by the vision that the quality and safety of food in Singapore will one day be considered world class.”

Andre is a 2016 Generation T alumni.

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Boo Junfeng is part of a wave of film-makers who are redefining the film industry in Singapore. Instead of making movies based on popular demand or social norms, he chooses to touch upon taboo topics such as capital punishment and homosexuality that the mainstream media tends to shy away from. “When I tell these issues as a story and bring them to life in film, they become human experiences that move us, build empathy and understanding,” says Junfeng, who has helmed critically acclaimed films such as Sandcastle and Apprentice.

Junfeng is a 2016 Generation T alumni.

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An expert in the medical field, June Rin is the senior consultant and director of neuro‑anaesthesia and neuro critical care at the Singapore General Hospital, and an adjunct assistant professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School and a clinical lecturer at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Highly passionate about charity and public education, as well as women’s issues, she is also president of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

June is on the 2016 Tatler 300 list.

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John Lim appreciates the science of things. The former scientist, who is now in real estate investment and development with a focus on hospitality, follows a winning formula in business: setting an uncompromised standard for service, and investing in human capital and innovative designs. That explains the success of his five‑star hotels in Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. “In a people-centric business, success is defined when you create an environment where every guest feels the warmth of your hospitality,” says the co-founder and CEO of Manor Group.

John is a 2016 Generation T alumni.

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You’ll never catch Rebekah Lin doing anything unproductive. If she isn’t busy with the numerous businesses and organisations that she’s involved with such as The Social Co, which seeks to activate youths and businesses to leverage on their skills to give back to lesser-known local charities, she is dreaming up new projects that serve a greater purpose. The social entrepreneur’s take on giving is less about money and time and more about creating a community of givers that will inspire others to do the same.

Rebekah is a 2016 Generation T alumni.

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