Cheryl Wee appears in Singapore Tatler's December 2016 issue

Cheryl Wee may look like the girl-next-door type, but she’s really a go-getter who doesn’t believe in doing things in half measures. Case in point: her wardrobe choice at this year’s Singapore Tatler Ball—a sheer, figure-hugging gown, matched with an oversized feather hat. 

This all-or-nothing perspective of the ex-poster girl for Jean Yip Group, the beauty conglomerate that her family owns, is also reflected in her earlier experiences with dieting. When she moved to Taiwan for a year to pursue a career in showbiz in 2014, the industry’s harsh weight standards led her to extreme dieting: from juice cleanses to consuming only three cups of oatmeal a day. 

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When health issues, including an eating disorder emerged, it got Cheryl rethinking about her health and nutrition. Last December, she put these lessons into practice and launched her wellness and weight management brand, Cheryl W. Its goal: to redefine slimming by championing internal well-being. 


“I’ve always wanted to sing and perform, and I realised this dream when I released my debut album One Fine Day in 2012.” 


"I didn’t think of going into acting until my former boss, Lim Sek of entertainment company Music & Movement, connected me with a casting director and I got the role in Mata Mata."


Eventually, my experience in showbiz as well as the encouragement I got from my mother motivated me to set up my own wellness and weight management brand, Cheryl W.”

“I’m fascinated with kefir, a cultured milk product that a health nut friend of mine just clued me in on. It contains probiotics and is said to be great for gut health.”

“Every  December, I look forward to the parties we throw at home because the food would always be scrumptious and my mum would bake these amazing traditional, whisky‑infused fruit cakes.”


Cheryl and Jean1.jpg
“My mum’s business advice to me: have the right intention and put your heart into it. I’m not as psychologically strong as her and there have been times when I tell her I want to give up, but she always encourages me to keep going.”


Lins Smoodees <ONLY USE GREEN BOTTLE>.jpg

 “When I was dieting, the fizziness of sparkling water kept me full. Now, I don’t diet but instead exercise to keep fit. However, my go-to drink is still San Pellegrino’s sparkling mineral water. Or a smoothie from Lins Smoodees at Valley Point Shopping Centre.”  


The Nutcracker by Janek Schergen - Photo by Bernie Ng (1).jpg
“I’ve loved dancing ever since I did ballet when I was younger. So I’d catch Singapore Dance Theatre’s The Nutcracker (pictured) this month, but I doubt my parents would enjoy it as much as I would! So with them, I’d go for Cirque Adrenaline as they enjoyed Cirque du Soleil  when they watched it  last year.”

Photography: Long Fei/Munster + Long Fei
Hair and Make-Up: Hongling, using Kevin.Murphy and Chanel
Images: 123rf, Bernie Ng (The Nutcracker) and Lins Smoodees

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