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Tatler Fashion Awards

After a decade of bringing you the Singapore Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame, we are switching gears. We have reimagined, re-engineered and redesigned our annual fashion event, and have launched the inaugural Singapore Tatler Fashion Awards. We are thrilled to reveal a first look at our brand-new awards and our newly minted recipients, who share  the most memorable milestones in their style journeys to date. Many of these milestones are more personal than sartorial, which isn’t really surprising. After all, fashion is never just skin-deep—it’s a reflection of the choices we’ve made, the experiences that have shaped us, and hard-earned perspectives on how to live your best life. This year’s arbiters of style know well that knowing who you are is the first step to looking good. 

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SMALL TALK: Independent producer Tan Kheng Hua brings back the sexy, sixties Singapore with Tropicana the Musical, p42

FASHION: Contributing fashion director Desmond Lim takes our Singapore Tatler friends through the Burberry February 2017 collection, p80

PROFILE: Jet-setter Brandy Dallas draws style inspiration from her travels, p82

STYLE AT FULL SPEED: WE have re-engineered one of our signature events of the year. the Singapore Tatler Fashion Hall of Fame, into the inaugural Singapore Tatler Fashion Awards. Meet this year's recipients and find out more about they key milestones that have shaped their personal style journeys, p152

CARS: Andre Lam test drives the new Lamborghini Aventador to see how it stacks up, p186

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