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Diego Della Valle

Diego Della Valle, Tod’s president and CEO, speaks of the great power and responsibility behind the label that is “Made in Italy” in our cover story, Tod’s Almighty. Then, we see the warm and fuzzy side to some of Singapore’s head honchos as they share about their special relationships with their four-legged best friends. Elsewhere, Ho Ren Hua, scion of the Banyan Tree founding family and the first and only man on the executive committee of Singapore Committee for UN Women, tells us why his stand for gender equality began

More Stories:

Society - Behind every great man is a four-legged best friend or two!

Fashion - One of the most powerful men in the Italian luxury sphere, Diego Della Valle built the Tod's empire. Melissa Twigg discovers the source of his Midas touch.

Art - Film takes a leap forward at Art Basel in Hong Kong this month, with feature films and documentaries joining a new-media programme that negotiates the ambiguities of film as fine art, writes Samantha Leese.

Jewellery - A 1932 high jewellery collection by Gabrielle Chanel was revived for a multifaceted project involving haute couture, roulette, cameras, celebrities, a Parisian apartment, and a London exhibition. Grace Tay joins the dots.

Travel - Iroshini Chua puts on her hiking boots and explores Chile, a narrow strip of a coastal country that runs 4,200km in length, soaking in an incredible variety of climates and landscapes in a single destination.

Cars - McLaren introduces the first of its Sport Series and Andre Lam heads to Portugal to gauge if this 'entry-level- 570S compliments the current line-up of McLarens.

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