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The Giving Issue

Christmas is the season for giving—and giving back. Young philanthropists Trina Liang-Lin and Edmund Lin is on the cover of this month’s Giving issue. While most couples choose to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with expensive gifts or a big bash, the duo decided to create something more permanent by setting up their own philanthropic foundation, the Lin Foundation Asia, which is focused on women and children, in the areas of education, employment and healthcare. “There is no ‘correct’ or ‘good’ age to start a foundation. If we are ready to help now, then why shouldn't we?” says economist and debt analyst Trina, whose husband is a consultant in the financial industry. We also meet five women trailblazers, including clinician scientist Carolyn Lam, whose leaderships are known to have a catalytic effect on the projects they spearhead, and the people they work with.

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