They say actions speak louder than words, so if you're unfamiliar with some of the names on our 2017 Generation T list, that's okay. In countless different ways, these young talented individuals have been making waves—some more quietly than others—in their respective industries and thus, changing the ways we work, commute and live. 

Meet ten of the 2017 listers who are paving the way for the future.

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Image: Courtesy of Grab

Grab: Changing The Way We Travel

For most of us, booking a ride on our mobile phones has become second nature. It saves us from having to head out under the hot sun, trying (sometimes, in vain) to flag a taxi. For this, we have the Grab founders, Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, to thank. The company now operates in 34 cities in Southeast Asia, surpassing Uber's 20. Its most recent mark of success: receiving $2b from its existing investors, Didi Chuxing and SoftBank Group, in July 2017. 

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Image: Patrick Clark Photography; Outfit: Leanne Marshall, at Look Los Angeles

Sukki Singapora: Changing Up The Art Scene

Single-handedly revolutionising Singapore's burlesque scene may seem like a far-fetched ambition, but Sukki Singapora has managed to do just that. You can imagine the challenges that not only come with the craft, but with Sukki's dream of attaining international recognition for the art she feels so passionately about.  This included four years of campaigning to convince authorities that burlesque was simply misunderstood and should be legalised. The spunky dancer has emerged successful and now performs at international events and actively advocates female empowerment. 


Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow; Outfits: Dsquared2

AR Entertainment: Changing The Way We Party

There was a time not so long ago when we would sit around complaining about Singapore's lack of an exciting entertainment scene. Well, Singapore has now a more vibrant nightlife scene thanks to the numerous music festivals with top DJs and concerts by some of the biggest recording artists. Contributing to this is Ultra Singapore, the offshoot of the hugely successful Ultra Miami electronic dance music festival. Run by Raj Datwani and Alex Chew, the festival has seen major EDM DJs such as Hardwell, Afrojack and Steve Aoki arrive at our shores and inspire happiness to tens of thousands partygoers in truckloads. 


Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow

Shigga Shay: Changing Up Local Music

With his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and rebellious image, homegrown rapper Shigga Shay has found fans and fame in Singapore. The blue-haired musician, who smiles and jokes around more than you think, serves not only as an inspiration to aspiring local musicians, he also reminds us that there's plenty of local talent to be unearthed in Singapore. 

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Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow

Violet Oon Singapore: Changing The Way We Consume Culture

Violet Oon is a name synonymous with Peranakan food in Singapore, and it is also a name of a driven matron who has built up an impressive food empire. Her children, Tay Yiming and Tay Su-Lyn, seem to have taken after their mother. In the past two years, they've launched two F&B establishments: National Kitchen by Violet Oon and Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill. And despite the expansion of their family business, Yiming and Su-Lyn are unwavering in their dedication to promoting the Violet Oon brand as a purveyor of authentic Peranakan cuisine. 


Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow

Edible Garden City: Changing The Way We Grow Food

The discussion about self-sufficiency has been going on for a while now, with companies such as Bjorn Low's Edible Garden City (EGC) encouraging Singaporeans to become more aware of the food they consume and pushing the country to be more sustainable. A pioneer in the field of urban farming, EGC has built over 50 beautiful and space-savvy food gardens around our tropical island, and helped its clients grow food in underutilized locations such as rooftops and viaducts. 


Photo: Eric Seow

Shopback: Changing The Way We Shop Online

With its clever business model, Shopback co-founders Joel Leong and Henry Chan have changed how consumers shop online by providing them with cashback with any purchase from a merchant partner. It gets commission based on sales rather than clicks on advertisements and shares a percentage of the earnings with shoppers in an almost too-good-to-be-true rebate system. I mean, let's be honest, who wouldn't mind saving a couple of bucks when they shop? 


Photo: Darren Gabriel Leow

Tan Szue Hann: Changing The Way We Build Homes

Surbana Jurong is behind the development of several of Singapore's major industrial and infrastructure landscapes. As the company's sustainability head, Tan Szue Hann and his team have materialised designs in the form of green urban environments and buildings around the world, from hospitals to school campuses to business parks. In Singapore, the 2015 Young Green Architect of the Year and World Cities Summit Young Leader is currently working on turning a mature residential estate into a cycling-enabled town and focusing on discovering new techniques to incorporate technological innovation into his designs, to keep improving the way our society lives and developing a more sustainable city. 


Photo: Eric Seow

Asia Law Network: Changing The Way We Find Lawyers

In a traditional field such as law, the Asia Law Network (ALN)'s Cherilyn Tan and Gabriel The knew it would be a challenge to get lawyers and law firms to adopt technology into their practices. Yet for the sake of the people seeking legal advice, the tenacious duo held on tight to their goal of simplifying and quickening the process of seeking out lawyers. Their persistence and hard work soon paid off when their online platform, which allows users to seek a 15min "Quick Consult" with top local lawyers at an affordable cost, received crucial endorsements locally from the Ministry of law, Spring Singapore and the Law Society of Singapore. Abroad, they are the only Singaporean legal-tech company featured in Stanford University's Legal Tech List of "717 companies changing the way legal is done". 


Photo: Eric Seow

Odette: Changing Up The Local Dining Scene

Julien Royer is a name many of us are familiar with. If not, you would have at least heard of his acclaimed restaurant Odette. The beautiful and refreshing fine dining space housed in the National Gallery of Singapore is a favourite among our discerning Singapore Tatler friends, who appreciate dishes that are meticulously made with the purest ingredients and presented in stunning—and Instagrammable—forms. Of course, chef Royer's culinary ingenuity has also been noticed by international gourmants, which in turn has earned him and his restaurant spots on the Le Chef List of 100 Best Chefs in the World 2017,  Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list and Michelin Guide Singapore.  

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