Framed by teak verandas and white marble colonnades, the Neo-Renaissance architecture of Raffles Hotel charms with its stately grace and its elegant interior. 

Since its inception in 1887, flowers have been synonymous with the hotel, and senior florist Albert Chan elevates this tranquil backdrop with his opulent floral creations.

Here, he shares his tips on how to decorate your home with these beautiful blooms.

Colour Your World


All images courtesy of Raffles Hotel

Chan suggests colour matching your floral arrangements, according to the season—it’s a great way to be a part of the festivities right in the comfort of your home.  For example, he favours bright, pastel blooms for Spring, whereas during the month of August, the florist opts for red and white displays in honour of Singapore’s National Day. Be sure to select hues to suit the ambience of your home. Bright, colorful flowers that stand out against the white and wood ornaments of Raffles Hotel; but these displays may not be as suitable for a home that's eclectically colourful as the blooms.

Fragrance Is Key


Photo: Courtesy of Raffles Hotel

Upon entering the grand Raffles Hotel lobby, guests automatically detect the fragrant aroma of the floral display. One of the florist's main goals is to tap into as many of the six senses as possible so that when visitors arrive, they smell the sweet fragrance of flowers from every corner of the lobby. Similarly, for your home, try finding a floral scent you’d like to catch a whiff of every time you step in through the front door.

Tropical Inspiration


If you're looking out for more unusual ways to spruce up your floral decor, try using Chan's favourite flower. He favours anthuriums, which can last between two to three weeks. Not only are they extremely durable, these flowers come in a wide range of hues, and are super versatile—the stems of the anthuriums can be folded in myriad ways for different occasions. “We can bend the flower to any shape we want and form something new,” he explains. 

Location, Location, Location


Planting flowers in your outdoor garden is very different from displaying them in your dining room. According to the florist, some popular varieties such as roses, tulips and lilies, are fragile flowers. Typically, the aforementioned species only last for a few days, which means that they are best kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment. The Raffles Hotel opts for these romantic floral accents when hosting outdoor weddings; you can do the same for parties and other special occasions at home, where you might only display the blooms for a few hours. If you are looking for plants to spruce up your garden, try more durable species like heliconia and orchids.

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