Generation T

Shigga Shay

Shigga Shay admits his biggest challenge is to make rap that all Singaporeans can relate to. “Hip-hop is about being ‘real’, being able to speak your mind. I hope that through my music, I am able to encourage Singaporeans to do more of that,” says the 24-year-old rapper and musician, whose real name is Pek Jin Shen. LimPeh, the song that propelled him to stardom in 2013, has garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube. Today, it is not just our fellow countrymen who are appreciating his catchy rap tunes; Shigga, who performed at our inaugural Generation T party last year, was invited to perform at the afterparty of the White House State Dinner for Singapore in Washington, DC in 2016. Despite his fame, the one person that keeps him grounded is also his biggest fan and source of inspiration: “My mother has been my main pillar of strength throughout my career.”

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